Recognising your support

Donations of all sizes from generous individuals, trusts and businesses are vital to the University. 

By giving back to the University of South Wales you become integral to our ongoing success, helping ensure that we can continue to grow and create the best possible future for our students and researchers. 

We are truly grateful for each and every gift we receive, and recognise those donors who show confidence in our students and our wider community, in a number of ways.

Supporter Reception

Donors are warmly welcomed to our annual Supporter Reception. An evening of celebration and thanks, this occasion brings together University benefactors and beneficiaries, as well as graduates and students who have volunteered their time to support the University. 

Cylch Cynnig

The University of South Wales' foundations were built on benefactors and benevolent groups from across South Wales who supported the progression of education and vocational training.  Building on the spirit of offering this enlightenment to the masses, Cylch Cynnig  (from the welsh 'to offer in the context of volunteering') celebrates the support given to the University from its graduate community. Through the gift of alumni volunteering, USW is able to provide students with a sound platform for future success. In recognition of their contribution to the University, we're delighted to recognise our alumni volunteers as annual Cylch Cynnig members.

Legacy Circle

The generosity of supporters who pledge a gift in their will for the benefit of the University's future is celebrated through our Legacy Circle.



Recognising our supporters