Alumni Authors

The University of South Wales is proud to have so many alumni who have gone on to successful literary careers. Are you a published author or know of a graduate who is? If you'd like to feature on this page we'd love to hear from you. Please email 

The Mathematics of Love_E Darwin 

Emma Darwin (MPhil Writing, 2009) 'The Mathematics of Love'   

From the gentle Suffolk countryside to the battlefields of Waterloo and the ports of Spain, this is an extraordinarily moving account of war and the pain of loss, the heat of passion and the redemptive power of love. 

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Dan Rhodes (MA Creative Writing, 1997) 'This is Life'  

In Paris, art student Aurélie Renard throws a stone and sets in motion a chain of events that will turn her life upside down.. 

Where to buy   |  Dan Rhodes on Wikipedia


Maria McCann 'Ace, King, Knave'  

Sophia - rational, demure, and hiding a 'little weakness' - has recently married the charismatic Mr Zedland. But Zedland has secrets of his own and Sophia comes to suspect that her marriage is not what it seems. 

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Gareth L Powell 'Macaque Attack'  

This is the amazing conclusion to the award-winning series. The dangerous but charismatic Ack-Ack Macaque finds himself leading a dimension-hopping army of angry monkeys, facing an invading horde of implacable killer androids, and confronting the one challenge for which he was never prepared: impending fatherhood!

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CosmicLatte_R Trezise 

Rachel Trezise (BA Journalism and English) 'Cosmic Latte'  

Migrants, immigrants, travellers, and holidaymakers feature in Dylan Thomas Prize-winner Rachel Trezise's second collection of short fiction: in eleven dazzling stories of lives lived on either side of boundaries, and on the fringes of society, is teeming with unforgettable characters whose dreams, yearnings and regrets are at once unique and universal. 

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Camilla Way 'Little Bird'  

Three identities, no known name – and an obsessed pursuer from the past. It took one second to snatch the child. One silent, unseen moment to pluck her from the world. In a click of a finger, a blink of an eye, she was gone. As if, like a bird, she had just flown away.

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Angela fish

Angela Fish (MPhil Literature 1995) ‘Ben and the Spider Gate’

Ben loves chatting to his wise gran, playing computer games with his best friend Jess, and helping his dad to train his clever dog Scoot.

Then one hot, summer day Ben meets Lox, the gatekeeper of the spider kingdom under the garden hedge.

Lox desperately needs Ben’s help before the end of the autumn, but can Ben save the spider kingdom without leaving the garden and going into the deep, dark wood?

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Alumni author david williams

David Morgan Williams (Education lecturer 1973- 1990) ‘Spirit of the Dragon’

Xcalibur, Merlin and the Teeth of the Dragon is the third book in the Spirit of the Dragon trilogy. What are the secrets hidden in the coded messages, and who or what are the cobramen? Huw and his circle of friends need to call on the help of western and eastern dragons plus the emperor's Terracotta Army when they face the evil forces of Mei Wong and the cobramen.

Will the spirit of the dragon overcome the venom of the snake?

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Anita Kirkpatrick

Anita Kirkpatrick 'The Story of Silage'

The Story of Silage on River View Farm is a children’s educational book about how silage is made on our farm in Northern Ireland. All the photographs have been taken by the author, who lives on the farm, and the easy narrative appeals to children and even a few adults who have grown up in towns and cities!

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Mike Thomas alumni Author

Mike Thomas (MPhil writing) 'Ash and Bones'

At a squalid flat near the Cardiff docks, an early morning police raid goes catastrophically wrong when the police aren't the only unexpected guests. A plain clothes officer is shot dead at point blank range, the original suspect is left in a coma. The killer, identity unknown, slips away.

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Only angels have wings

John H Evans (Chemical Engineering 1948-1951) ‘Only Angels have Wings’

Drawn to flying by his memories of a World War II bomber pilot, his adventures spread from Belem to Berlin; Ramsgate to Rio and Tangier to Toronto. Inadvertently he became involved with the Mafia and aroused the wrath of the Libyans, when he rescued a beautiful blonde from Tripoli. So ‘fasten your seatbelt’ for this autobiography as you are taken on a rollercoaster ride of your emotions!

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Holly Muller.jpg Holly Muller Phd Graduate and USW staff member 'My Own Dear Brother'

It is 1944, war has taken the men in Nazi-controlled Austria to the front line. For thirteen-year-old Ursula Hildesheim life changes when Russian prisoners escape from the local concentration camp, her mama starts an affair with a married man, her friend goes missing and her brother’s allegiance to the Hitler Youth emerges in shocking ways, Ursula finds herself alone, disturbed by dark memories, and surrounded by threat.

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Margret Isaac book coverMargaret Isaac, senior lecturer at Caerleon from 1967-1996 - English and Drama

A Terrifying Giant; an Evil Dwarf; a Magic Cauldron; a Ferocious Witch; some of the characters you will meet when you read this story of King Arthur, who races, on horseback, through the mountains and forests of Wales, from Pembrokeshire to the Severn Estuary in pursuit of the Enchanted Wild Boar, the Ferocious Twrch Trwyth and  his tribe.

The greatest story ever told of Arthur, the daring, young, hot-blooded leader, determined to come to the aid of his cousin Culhwch in the quest for the beautiful Olwen.

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