Alex Hughes, Social Media Intern, Jack Wills

A typical day for me is getting into the office, then checking out what’s trending world-wide so we can create up to date and current content. 

Alex Hughes alumni

Selling British heritage-inspired goods for the university crowd, Jack Wills has a global presence with 80 stores and counting. The intern positions are hugely sought after and competition is fierce.  We talked to alumna Alex Hughes, about beating the competition to become Social Media Intern for Jack Wills.

“I studied Fashion Promotion and graduated in July 2015. I always had an interest in fashion but knew I didn’t want to design. The course gives you the opportunity to try out lots of different areas within the fashion sector, which definitely influenced my decision to come to USW. It definitely opened my eyes to all the different areas that I could go into career wise. It’s made me realise what my strengths and weaknesses are and how I can apply the different skills I’ve learnt into different businesses and positions.”

 “I have so many happy memories of my time at The University of South Wales - far too many to mention! But academically, I’d say handing in my final major project was a big milestone for me. All the tears and stress were all worth it in the end!”

 “The Jack Wills brand targets affluent school and university students in the sixteen to twenty-four age demographic and hence many of its stores can be found in university towns and seaside resorts, near where their target audience is located. With this demographic in mind, it is clear that Jack Wills has used Social Media in a very clever way to create a brand community. We have over 750,000 Facebook Likes and 150,000 Twitter fans.”

 “I am currently working as a Social Media Intern at Jack Wills head office.  A typical day for me is getting into the office, checking out what’s trending world-wide so we can create up to date and current content. I reply to our customers online and ensure all social media posts are scheduled for the entire day/week/month. I get to go into the studio a lot and style imagery for our online content and help to brainstorm new ideas to keep our social media channels current and interesting.”

What advice does she offer her fellow USW alumni?  “Apply, apply, apply! Just throw your CV and a cover letter everywhere and anywhere you have interest in. You’ll get a few negative reponses (and no replies at all!) but you’ve got to be really proactive to land a position, and it’s the best feeling when you get it. Oh, and LinkedIn will become your new best friend- join now and get adding!”