Sector Profiles: Creative Industries

Our graduates can be found working across the full spectrum of creative industries.

Alumni making their creative mark on the world work for organisations, including:

  • Aardman Animations
  • BBC Wales
  • Granada Television
  • Ridley Scott Associates
  • Talkback Thames
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Welsh National Opera

Ryan Atkinson, Photographer, Freelance

" I will normally wake up before first light, trek/boat/climb/ski into our filming locations, find the animals and spend the day filming them. I’ll then return to our camp which varies from a jungle hammock and bushcraft shelter, to ecolodges and basic hotels, and spend a few hours cleaning and preparing kit for the next day, "

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Ryan profile pic

Nick Patterson, Production Director, Storm & Shelter

"I want to be able to help students who may be struggling, either through their personal motivation, guidance in terms of their entry into the industry or feeling just a little lost."

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Daniel Kemeys, Digital Compositor, The Moving Picture Company

"I’m a nerd at heart and I always want to improve. I like to be very open when it comes to learning new things, and in that way I’ll always be a student. My degree from USW has helped me secure a career in which I can travel the world, do what I love to do, it can also pretty much lead into any aspect of the creative industry."


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Richard James Burgess, CEO, American Association of Independent Music

"The fact of the matter is that you can’t succeed without failing so you might as well get it out the way as quickly as possible. Fear of failure will prevent you from doing anything meaningful."

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Jack Latham, Photographer, Freelance

"His recent project traces an infamous true crime case in Iceland. Known as the Reykjavik Confessions, it involved the testimonies of six people, who confessed to two murders they had no apparent memory of.."

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Marco Marenghi, BAFTA and multi award winning animator

"I think it was my tenacity to overcome the obstacles that made me push hard and bring a few of my co-students along for the ride. I knew what was waiting at the end of the course and wanted to be sure I hit the ground running.  I still, to this day, get to work with fellow classmates all over the world."

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Marco Marenghi

Simon Norfolk, award winning Photographer and Photojournalist

“Documentary Photography gave me the tools for the job - that's what I'll always treasure the most. [The course] taught me the practical skills to chase my dreams. You can't really ask for more can you?"

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Asif Kapadia, BAFTA award winning Film Maker

"To be any kind of artist, to do anything, but particularly film making, I think you have to have perseverance. I was turned down by every course that I applied to.. but I obviously must have made an impression [as] I got a call saying ‘we've got a place, can you come?'" 

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Michael Frith, Technical Advisor, Cunard (Queen Mary 2)

"I chose to come to the University of South Wales for the amount of industry contacts the course had and the facilities the University had... head and shoulders above the rest!"

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Annabelle Woods, Regional Director for Oceania, Japan & Korea and Global Trade Marketing Director, SteelSeries

"The whole experience in Glamorgan was a fantastic one for me, as it was a very different way of teaching and studying.  It was very close to the 'real world' and the lecturers made sure that we would know how to put our knowledge into practice once we graduated."

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BAFTA award winner Tristan Anderson, his time since Uni

“Over the course of about 5 years I managed to reduce my teaching work and break into film making full time. It was quite a big challenge but it worked out well in the end.  I made a lot of documentary films for a channel called Current TV and created, produced and directed a TV series called ‘What Did I Do Last Night?’

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