Kathrin Stark, Online Editor and Social Media Manager,

Kathrin Stark alumni 400We have successful alumni in careers across the world, spanning all different types of professions. Alumna Kathryn Stark (Professional Practice in Creative Industries, 2014) got in touch with the alumni office initially to offer her support as an alumni volunteer, for a recruitment fair being held in Hamburg. As well as being kind enough to volunteer her time back to the University, Kathrin also let us know about her role as the Online Editor and Social Media Manager at - one of Germany’s biggest news and entertainment websites.

 We asked Kathrin to describe a typical working day, which for her usually starts around 7am when is still lying in bed. She checks all her news apps and social channels to find the hottest topics. If there is breaking news she creates postings for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram immediately.  The rest of her day is often taken up by various meetings with clients and other departments in the publishing house such as sales, IT or events.

 Kathrin studied for her degree whilst also working. Kathrin goes on to say that she really appreciated the mixture of working and learning because it gave her the opportunity to widen her horizons. Some of the things she learned during her studies could be useful only a few days later during a project at work.

Kathrin studied Professional Practice in Creative Industries, and graduated in Autumn 2014. She was influenced to study at USW because she was looking for an opportunity to keep on studying in addition to her traineeship, and has a keen interest in everything Welsh.

 Kathrin credits her time at USW with feeling confident when presenting in front of a huge audience and while speaking English is definitely a great result, adding that the project and brand management skills she acquired are now being used – partly subconsciously - every day.

 We asked Kathrin why she volunteered her time back to USW, and she said:

It’s quite simple: I want to help and inspire people, make them happy and encourage them to aim for the best. I was raised by loving people who always told me to work hard and fulfil my dreams – and that is basically what I try to pass on as often as I can.


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