Phoebe James, Research Consultant, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement)

Phoebe James 400pixWould you like to find your dream job in the third sector, combining helping those who are most in need with international travel? We profile our inspiring alumna Phoebe James (Bsc. Criminology with Forensic Science, 2014) who has achieved both aims immediately following her graduation.

 Phoebe graduated from USW in 2014, and began her career interning for a year in Cambodia in a legal support Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) for women and children affected by human trafficking. Moving on from Cambodia, she moved to India and interned for 6 months with an NGO that introduced human rights and sustainability policy into large businesses. Phoebe’s current role involves revising and developing child rights and protection policy and legislation in India, at Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement).  Bachpan Bachao Andolan is headed by Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, and works within India to eradicate child labour. 

We asked Phoebe what motivated her to work in India and she explained

I have always had a strong belief in equality and respect and I am constantly driven by this. In my field I am also surrounded by inspirational and highly dedicated people who make it incredibly easy to remain motivated.

It is this drive that has enabled Phoebe to be involved in the successful enactment of the Child Labour Bill in 2016, and to personally complete a number of research projects such as Juvenile Sexual Offenders and the Justice System, and the State of Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in India.  

Phoebe originally came to USW in 2011, choosing to study a BSc in Criminology with Forensic Science. She chose this course because it had been a subject she had previously studied and had given her an interest in getting a firmer grasp on the more practical aspects of the justice system.

 Since graduating, and moving across the globe, Phoebe has developed an interest into a more specific area of criminal justice, human trafficking. She explainsthat her BSc provided her with a great platform of knowledge regarding the general justice system both in the UK and internationally. She goes on  to saythat studying at USW has served her well in her current role, as her knowledge of forensic science means that her approach to tasks is always structured and meticulous.

 We asked Phoebe what she planned to achieve next in her professional career. She explained:

'As I have now sculpted the beginning of a career in anti-human trafficking, moving forwards I look forward to completing my MA and engaging further in international development in respect to anti-human trafficking efforts and collaborating with NGOs; the private sector; governments and international organisations.'

 Her suggestion for current students who would be interested in pursuing a similar career path is to join as many networks as you can and begin attending conferences and networking as soon as possible. She adds: ‘At 18 I became a member of UN Women and through attending these conferences I met people who connected me to my internship in Cambodia and additionally supported me with my dissertation research.‘

 Thank you for sharing your inspirational career journey with us Phoebe.

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