Sector Profiles: Entrepreneurs

Vanessa White, Director, Leaderful Action Ltd

“Listen to those you have the privilege to work for, and with, and believe in yourself. You do know your subject!“

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Hannah Williams, Owner, YourVA

"The events degree at USW had a great foundation of business basics. At the time I found this a tad dull, but what I’ve realised is how much I actually use in my day to day business life. Having even a little knowledge on a certain area helps ease the business process."

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Gwenno Dafydd, Entrepreneur, Author

"Don’t be scared to actually ask someone to be your Mentor. Most people are quite flattered to be asked. It is a very rewarding experience for both Mentor and Mentee."

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Catherine Boot, Owner, Brantag

“It's hard work but well worth it and will change your outlook on life and the way you approach it. I'm a firm believer in Higher Education and the opportunities it provides people to make a brighter future for themselves. “

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Newton Bubber, CEO, Goldfinch

"Always have the strength of heart to believe you can do it – and never give up even if it is difficult.”

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Briony Taylor and Michael Knight, Co-Founders and Owners, Fife Zoo

“It has been a steep learning curve. We are responsible for many key areas in a large multi-departmental business. From animal care and education departments, catering and retail, right through to grounds keeping and marketing of the business.”

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Lesley Owen, Founder and Artistic Director, FiFi Stitch

“My message I’d like to share is to never let fear get in between you and your ambitions. Always ask questions, always aim to be better. You can do anything if you simply choose to believe that you can.”

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Helen Walbey, MD, Rideout Motorcycles and Scooters 

"Don’t give up. Keep making the world a more positive place and remind yourself of all your achievements. Go out there and do what you know you can do."

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helen walby

Claire Hall, Drinks Entrepreneur, Percy's Vodka Iced Teas 

"The best thing is I am on my own and all decisions are mine. The worst thing is I am on my own and all decisions are mine! A good thing however is that every day is different and you just never know what’s around the corner."

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Ross Hutchins, Owner and Director, Ethos Creative 

"You will never work so hard, but it’s worth it. Put in the hours and you reap the rewards. Make sure you learn to be a good judge of character, your gut instinct is nearly always right."

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Trefor Puw, Director, Reseiclo Community Wood Recycling 

"My advice to any graduates thinking of setting up their own business is to go for it!  You also have to be stubborn – this attribute will help you push through the harder times."

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JordanPhillips, Owner 11:fiftynine Digital Marketing

‘Running a business is a whole mind and body creation, work and exercise go hand in hand, if you get the balance right success will follow’. 

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Tom Naylor, Director, SilentArena

“We started the business as we spotted a gap in the market. There were silent disco options available, but most were not suited or produced well. We spotted the need for late night entertainment (especially at festivals) for thousands of revellers"

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