Jordan Phillips, Owner 11:fiftynine Digital Marketing

For Jordan Phillips, MSc Strategic Digital Marketing 2016 graduate, running a digital marketing agency is only part of his vision. He also works as a freelance marketing consultant, coaching small businesses and private clients on how best to market themselves. On top of that he lectures part-time at USW on behalf on CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing).

Jordan Phillips, Owner 11:fiftynine Digital Marketing

Jordan is also involved with a range of voluntary positions, he is a steering committee member of the USW Exchange and guest speaker/role model for the 9-5 Club, run by the ICE Foundation.  He is currently in the process of becoming a Big Ideas Wales Role Model and a coach on the Business Wales Accelerated Growth programme.

Since finishing his undergraduate studies in 2007 Jordan spent several years travelling around Europe and south East Asia. He decided on the MSc at USW because it seemed a ‘very entrepreneurial’ university with lots of students in from the Creative Industries faculty going freelance or starting businesses. He commented ‘The Lecturers give more entrepreneurial confidence in USW, the Red Brick universities just want to get you into big corporate jobs’.

Jordan is passionate about helping small businesses, we asked why, with a new business of his own he can still find the time to help others, he said, ‘In 2010 – 2013 when I was starting up there were no centres for small businesses to get help. I had a small business advisor but the hours allowed were limited and the support although useful didn’t go far enough.

‘Being an integral member of the USW Exchange Committee seemed the perfect fit for me’, He continued.

USW Exchange, a new advice hub at the University of South Wales, that offers services to support start-ups and helping existing SME businesses and social enterprises to strive for growth.
Focusing on increasing SME contributions to the economy, developing students with relevant skills, the Business Clinic at the USW Exchange will aim to address problems faced by Start-Up Organisations, SME’s and Social Enterprises as they develop and grow.
Being an Education Scheme, the USW Business Clinic will aim to provide recommendations that can be developed in partnership with students, enabling skills development and developing greater proximity between students and their careers of choice.

We asked Jordan what it meant to him to be connected to the USW Exchange.

‘It’s an honour!  Due to my days as a student and my subsequent post as a part-time lecturer, I feel I have somewhat of a vested interest in the University’s success and development.  Coupled with my views on entrepreneurship and support for the Welsh small business community, I give whatever time I can spare to assisting the centre’s long term vision.  Aside from providing free marketing and sales support/advice to local businesses, I have recently collaborated with Prof. Jonathan Deacon on a series of workshops (‘masterclasses’) – a two tier approach, they are aimed at small business owners ready for the next stage of their business’ development and first time business owners/entrepreneurs keen on developing their initial business ideas/finding out if self-employment is right for them’.

When asked what the future holds, Jordan commented, ‘I aim to establish myself as a credible thought leader and embark upon more lecturing/public speaker/coaching roles.  Growing 11:FiftyNine is my biggest priority and we are looking at employing more staff this year’.

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