Newton Bubber, CEO, GoldFinch

Always have the strength of heart to believe you can do it – and never give up even if it is difficult.

Newton Bubber-alumni-400pixA Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the University of South Wales, is what set alumnus Newton Bubber on his road to success. 

Newton, who completed a Software Engineering course in his home country of India before pursuing his USW diploma, is now the CEO and founder of Goldfinch Mobile Solutions, which was formed in 2008. Taking a cue from the entrepreneur who has inspired him the most – Steve Jobs – Newton used his qualification to create his own company, based around his passion for audio technology. He believes his diploma set him on track to form his business, by giving him insight into the subject and strengthening his negotiation and communications skills.


Goldfinch is a company that develops software solutions for telecom companies, and which also produces audio content for many diverse clients throughout Asia. The road to success has not always been smooth for Newton, who describes some of the biggest challenges he faced as an entrepreneur: “it was hard at first, trying to get initial funding for the company from investors, and winning our 1st project when we had no credentials of experience.”


Newton has extremely fond memories of his time studying in Wales, with particular regard to the library, sports facilities, and his extremely helpful professors.