Research centre wins more than £9,000 funding from Richard Benjamin Trust


The Dyscovery Centre at the University of South Wales has been awarded more than £9,000 funding from the Richard Benjamin Trust to conduct research into neurodiversity in adults.

Dr Catherine Purcell, Senior Research Fellow and Sally Scott-Roberts, Senior Lecturer and Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, will carry out a participatory emancipatory research project.

They will aim to elicit the strategies that neurodiverse adults use to develop a series of guides to success, as a resource for other adults struggling with neurodiversity, a condition which is often chronic with prominent symptoms and secondary consequences spanning into adulthood.

Within any typical population, 10% of individuals will present with neurodiverse profiles that negatively impact on daily life. Most previous research on neurodiverse groups has concentrated on their deficits; however, adults living with neurodiversity regularly make successful adaptations, often unconsciously, resulting in strong pathways of resilience leading to positive outcomes in higher education, employment, relationships and daily activities.

The Richard Benjamin Trust supports innovative research in social and occupational / organisational psychology that has the potential to make a difference to families, organisations and communities and to people’s lives.

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