Universities deliver bespoke training for delegation from China

Chengdu visitors

The University of South Wales (USW), Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University, recently welcomed a delegation from the Chengdu Administration Institute situated in the Sichuan province of China.

The 10-person delegation took part in a bespoke two-week training programme, jointly delivered by the three universities, and supported by the Welsh Government.

Chengdu Administration Institute is a subordinate department of the municipal government of Chengdu, and is tasked with training municipal government servants and elementary country civil servants.  

The institute attaches great importance to teaching and research work, with selected teachers sent abroad for international academic exchange and training annually.

The programme drew on the expertise of the partner institutions, introducing themes and developments in public sector leadership and management in the UK, and exploring how science and technology is supported and developed.

Catherine Farrell, Professor of Public Management at the USW, said: "This is an exciting opportunity for our tutors to meet with and exchange ideas about the teaching and delivery of public management awards in Wales and China.

"It will be interesting to listen to the group presentations on the 'Issues, challenges and review of some solutions' facing public managers.

"It’s an excellent collaborative programme from the three universities and Welsh Government, which should enable the visitors to get a feel for government and public services in Wales and the UK more generally.”

In addition to the formal delivery, a series of networking dinners and practical visits were arranged to enhance the delegations personal and professional experience while in Wales.

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