GEW 2016: Meet Catherine... Owner, Brantag

Catherine Boot 450pix

As we continue to mark Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, we meet graduates from the University who have gone on to establish their own enterprise.

BA (Hons) Business and Marketing graduate Catherine Boot completed her studies in 2014, and recently contacted us in order to share her inspiring story of becoming an entrepreneur post graduation.

Catherine explains: "As a mature student the idea of returning to a classroom was quite daunting. In particular, giving presentations and once again sitting exams. My worry was that it would be something younger students may be more comfortable with. However, after I delivered my first presentation I received really positive feedback. This gave me the belief and confidence that I could return to the classroom and be successful. To then be able to graduate with my fellow students in front of my family made me really proud that I had completed my journey."

After leaving USW in 2014, Catherine started up Brantag - a Digital Agency in Newport - with her  husband (who also graduated from the University of South Wales in 2010 with a First Class Honours in Computer Science). Brantag offers Web Design, Graphic Design and SEO services, with clients that are mainly small businesses in the South Wales area. Their work centres around helping clients to reach their target audience.

 We asked Catherine why she decided to start Brantag, and she explained that:

We see a lot of businesses who are really good at what they do but they find it difficult to get themselves seen and heard. There are many channels for businesses to use to communicate with their potential and existing customers which is brilliant.

The problem is that most businesses don't fully understand how to maximise these opportunities. We see ourselves as the go-between for the client to help them use the best tools available to reach their audience.”

 Catherine continuest: "The Business and Marketing degree for me was a perfect course. It allowed me to gain exposure to subjects such as Management Accounts, Managing People and the Legal aspects encountered in Business. It also enabled me to gain more knowledge about Marketing Communications which was my primary interest.

Studying Contract Law helped me set our Terms and Conditions and gave me the knowledge I needed when looking at Copyright issues etc. Management Accounts gave me the knowledge to complete our first year accounts which has also saved us money.

Managing People was so important and I still think about theories used and how they can be applied in my daily activities."

We asked Catherine what advice she would give to someone wishing to follow in her path, and she said:

"It's hard work but well worth it and will change your outlook on life and the way you approach it. I'm a firm believer in Higher Education and the opportunities it provides people to make a brighter future for themselves. My daughter is currently doing her A-Levels and planning to do Forensic Accounting at USW – this makes me proud to think that I have inspired  her to do this. I tell her to be prepared for hard work – you only get out what you put in."

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