Global Alumni Volunteers

1-12 June 2016 is Volunteers Week across the UK, and we’re using this as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on all the great volunteering work that happens across USW and beyond.

You don’t have to live in Wales to volunteer your time with USW – just ask our alumnae Cherry Nguyen, Mega Indah Rezki and Martha Rivas. All three alumni have supported visiting International Officers at recruitment fairs in their home countries.


Martha explains her motivations for volunteering with International Officer Jo Scaplehorn at a recent exhibition in Mexico City: "I decided to help at the recruitment fair because I had such a great experience at The University of South Wales, with lots of opportunities to get involved in different projects during my studies. I wanted to share these opportunities, so that more people can also have this great experience at USW too."

Cherry had a similar experience when she assisted International Officer Sally Jones at a recruitment fair in Malaysia.

 Cheery Nguyen alumni 450pix

She describes how she had “a really wonderful experience in the UK; studying and meeting amazing friends in USW”, and as a result she wanted to reach out to potential students who were wondering about studying in UK and in USW, with the hope that they too “would have beautiful memories when studying abroad”.

Indonesian student Mega Indah Rezki studied MSc Engineering Management in 2014/2015, and travlled to Wales from the small city of Jambi Province. Since graduating she has been helping to keep new students informed about living in the UK, how to get a part time job, and step by step instructions on how to find private accommodation. Mega also provides them with her email, so she can help them with any information that they want to know about the UK. Mega explains that students "mostly ask questions about food (halal food), since many Indonesians are muslims, so I also give them the idea where to buy halal food."

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We spoke to USW International Officer Sally Jones about how having alumni on the ground in the countries she visits is a massive asset to her. Sally works with alumni from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, and states that alumni "..are absolutely best placed to meet with prospective students and discuss their experiences of studying overseas – they really have ‘been there and got the t-shirt’! They are proud of their achievements and more than happy to help promote the University to other international students. They are often keen to exchange details and link prospective students with students already studying at the University - a bit like passing the baton to those coming to higher education."

Having alumni around the world that can be called upon to help support University recruitment is enormously helpful, although activity overseas also extends to our burgeoning alumni groups that are increasingly coming together for socialising, fellowship and networking.

Led by volunteers or groups of volunteers, USW now has a number of international alumni groups that meet throughout the year for reunion and social events. We give a big shout out to volubnteer leaders and graduates in Nigeria, Mexico, Greece, France, Malaysia and Shanghai who have recently held events in country!


Would you like to know more about setting up an alumni group in your country, or becoming an alumni volunteer? Then get in touch!

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