GEW 2016: Meet Vanessa... Co-Director, Leaderful Action Ltd

Vanessa White - alumni- 150pix

As we mark Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, we meet graduates from the University who have gone on to establish their own enterprise.

Vanessa White completed her BA Communication Studies degree in 1991, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management in 2000, using her qualifications to establish her own business – Leaderful Action Ltd – providing leadership, mentoring and team development.  Leaderful Action Ltd has been named as a Welsh Fast Growth 50 company for 2 years in a row.


Speaking about her role in the airline industry, jointly running a base of 190 staff, Vanessa acknowledges that she both made mistakes and learned a lot. She says her post-grad qualification at USW helped her to underpin her existing skills in training and has never looked back since.  She goes on to say “My degree resulted in my working as a consultant for Virgin Atlantic which was an amazing boost to my Learning and Development career. Essentially I followed what made me happy and what I felt I do best.”


When recalling her time at USW, Vanessa recalls former head of the Business School, Professor Michael Connolly, as giving amazing lectures and demonstrating his knowledge through “his hands on experience in industry which made the learning very real and interesting.”


Recently, Vanessa attended the University’s Welsh Annual Coaching Conference, where she received a 10% discount on the course fees through her alumni affiliation. She believes that being able to take advantages of discounts such as these is really helpful, particularly when you are balancing the finances of a small but growing business.


Vanessa strongly recommends the Welsh Annual Coaching Conference, describing it as “by far one of the best events I have attended. I have attended the last two events and will continue to go every year for the great speakers, and updates on current trends and research. This helps me to improve my coaching and adds to the resources I can use for teaching others.”


The pearl of wisdom that Vanessa would like to impart to her fellow students and alumni is this: “Listen to those you have the privilege to work for, and with, and believe in yourself. You do know your subject!“

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