#USWthanksU: Angharad expresses her gratitude for the lifeline helping her reach her potential

Angharad Howe Kegie Bursary Recipient

Angharad Howe (BSc (Hons) Psychology, 2016) is a recipient of a Helen Hegie Bursary.

This bursary is granted annually and subject to the number of applications received, recipients can receive up to £2,000 to help towards maintenance expenses as a result of being accepted on to their course. Open to those studying from a defined range of social science-related courses and who permanently reside in South Wales with a CF or NP postcode; the Helen Kegie Bursary is specifically relevant to those who may other wise struggle financially to access or maintain their place on their programme of study.

Angharad adds: "The bursary has been a great comfort for when I'm struggling financially. I have now been able to budget and the funds have enabled me to save towards getting a car, which has been a lifeline to my work in working with local community groups, including the Brownies in Ponthir. Having transportation across the South Wales region has helped me gain placements for my course and supports my future career path. I'm now independent and successful - I couldn’t thank Helen Kegie more!

Bursaries supported by the Helen Kegie Fund are part of a number of financial awards the University is able to offer those looking to access higher education. Through Helen’s generosity and foresight, the Helen Kegie Bursary has and continues to enable many students from across the South Wales region to access our Social Science-related degree courses. 

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