Help us reconnect with our former students

Alumni Reconnection Campaign

In today's busy world as people relocate, emigrate or get married, we naturally find that we've lost touch with some of our former students. Unfortunately several thousand of our former students are now disconnected from the University, so we'd like your help to find them.

Like graduates of today, graduates of the University's predecessor institutions - University of Glamorgan, University of Wales, Newport and our predecessor Polytechnic institutions - are all eligible to access USW alumni benefits and services. 

These include discounted member rates for our libraries and sports facilities, invitations to exclusive events and reunions, alumni postgraduate scholarships and connections to our careers and enterprise services. 

How can you help?

Share our #reconnectwithUSW campaign

Our #reconnectwithUSW campaign will feature across social media channels, South Wales print media and in University communications throughout November. Please retweet or share to help spread the message to contacts in your network who may well be former Glamorgan or Newport students. You can share this news story too! Simply navigate to the share tools on this page.

You can also join our #reconnectwithUSW thunderclap, which will allow the network to come together at the end of the campaign to do one last push, ensuring that we're reaching as many people as possible! 

Encourage your peers or family members

For those of you in touch with friends from Uni or family members who have previously studied with us, we'd be grateful if you could encourage them to register their details. We'd love to be able to improve the contact rates across our class groups. This is always useful when returning classes approach us for help in supporting their reunions in the years to come! 

Be an advocate for a dynamic network

As those of you who are already in touch will know, the benefits of being a connected member of the community are wide ranging and are mutually beneficial. We can keep graduates up to speed with the latest happenings and initiatives from campus, and they can readily access careers services, funding opportunities and ways to give back to the University. It's a two way street that benefits both graduate and University over time.

Make sure your graduate record is up to date

By reconfirming details and communication preferences that we already hold, you an be assured that you remain in touch with events, reunions and community initiatives as they arise.

Get creative!

Do you have old class photos from your time at Uni? We'd love to see them and by sharing we can circulate them around contacts that we may already have on our database from your year group. We're sure people will know people, who will know others - so in due time, we should be able to reconnect your cohort ahead of special milestone years you may be approaching.

So where can former students update their details?

Quick and easy to do, details can be updated online at

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