Help us welcome Class of 2017 to the alumni network

Graduation hats

Have a smartphone? Send words of welcome to the Class of 2017 this summer.

To be shown to over 4000 student leavers and their families during the formal ceremony, we're looking to compile a video featuring well wishes collected from graduates from across the world. 

What we would need from you

A clip no longer than 20 seconds. This can be recorded on your iphone, android phone or tablet. A video selfie would be great and the more creative, the better!

What would you say?

This is your opportunity to wish our student leavers the very best of luck. Perhaps you'd like to share a short piece of advice, reminisce on your own time at university or simply send congratulations on graduation. You may wish to introduce yourself along with where in the world you're speaking from.

What do you need to send us?

Along with your short video clip we will need:

  • Your name
  • Your geographical location
  • Current job title and employer name
  • Course name and years that you studied with us

What do you need to send us?

Video clips can be sent to  or via We Transfer by Tuesday 2 May 2017. We hope to feature as many video snippets as we can.

And if your clip isn't selected?

We will do everything to ensure that clips submitted feature in our video, although with so many supportive alumni sending in video content, this might not be possible. 

We'll let you know ahead of Graduation Week whether your contribution will feature. If it doesn't we invite you to Tweet or Facebook your message of congratulations directly throughout the week using the hashtag #USWGrad which the Alumni Team will retweet/share with the USWAlumni community.

Video content will also be reused for other graduation projects, so your efforts are not wasted!

By adding a little extra sparkle to their special day, your support will show the Class of 2017 that they join you in being part of a truly global network.

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