Lifelong connections

alumni friendships

Pictured: Triinu, Lea and Giulia

Friendships made at University can last a lifetime.

Whether it's meeting in each other in Halls during Freshers or sharing a ride home from a BUCS match, to dancing the night away in Cardiff or poring over books together in the library - the highs and lows of time at University can be the foundation for lifelong friendships.

Take recent graduates Triinu, Lea and Giulia.

They met when they joined the USW Swimming and Waterpolo team, and immediately clicked. With Triinu from Estonia, Lea from Germany and Giulia studying for her Masters degree in the UK, the three still make sure they keep in touch despite the distance between them.

“Even though we live far away from each other, we always find time for regular girls weekends. I’m so happy I met these girls – they will be friends for life” says Triinu.

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