#reconnectwithUSW: Back in touch, so what next?

USW Alumni Awards 2016

Pictured above: Dr Danny Clegg and guest at the 2016 Alumni Awards and Supporter Reception, SSE SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff

As a former student who reconnects with USW you will be reaffirming your link with the University, making sure that you get to hear first hand about events and opportunities as they arise.

With the majority of graduates choosing to remain connected at least via email - and combined with additional details perhaps around your geographical location and occupation -  those who reconnect can start to benefit from general, as well as targeted opportunities including invitations to guest lectures, ways to support USW, community volunteer initiatives, class reunion, alumni group activities - and more.

Our students’ experience on campus would be much poorer if it wasn’t for the ongoing support of our graduates and supporters from industry. Thank you. Professor Julie Lydon, Vice Chancellor

For graduates interested in postgraduate or professional study, you can be sure to hear about the latest funding opportunities or fee discounts available. For the more entrepreneurially-minded, graduates can access business startup information too.

Many people decide that their connection with the University is one way to demonstrate their altruism, and so we invite you to contact us to explore the options. For others, making a link with the University is because they wish to access student talent. This approach to recruitment can save organisations significant time and money. We're happy to discuss your needs, so please get in touch

How do you hear from us? We communicate in a number of different ways, some of which depends on the information you are happy to feature on your graduate record. Email and social media are primary channels of sharing 'what's on' or canvassing opinion from the community. For those we hold a valid postal address for, you may wish to receive our alumni magazine or perhaps hear more about our latest projects? 

Graduates who do reconnect with the University will be asked if they would be happy to populate their graduate profile with additional information to help guide subsequent communications and invitations. Graduates are also able to specify the channels by which they wish to be contacted - or equally, prefer not to be.

Wish to change your communication preferences? Not a problem. We can simply update your graduate record to reflect your latest preferences and interests.

Are you a former student who hasn't heard from us in a while or know of a friend or family member who is not making the most of their graduate benefits & services? Reconnect today.

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