USW photography graduate enjoys life on the ocean waves

Photography graduate Lucy Parker has been working on the cruise ship Pacific Eden. Neil Gibson. June 2017

Lucy Parker has been travelling around Australia and Asia on the Pacific Eden  

TO say that Lucy Parker has been living the dream might be a bit of an understatement.

That’s because the University of South Wales (USW) graduate is putting passengers in the frame as a cruise ship photographer for P&O Australia.

Lucy, 23, from Swansea, who completed her photographydegree in 2015, has been cruising around the Australia and Asia on the cruise ship Pacific Eden, capturing the passengers’ pictures as a memento of their trip.

When she got the job, Lucy faced a bit of a whirlwind and had to be constantly ready to fly off Down Under.

“I applied for the job online through the P&O Australia website, where I had to fill in a number of applications,” she said.

“From there I had a Skype interview, which I was successful with, and then got told my flight details three days before I flew - so it was all very exciting.”

One the cruise, Lucy works between six and 11 hours a day, but also has plenty of time to relax and see the sights, which include Lifou, New Caledonia, Mystery Island, and Bali, and capture the scene.

And it’s thanks to her hard work and study at USW that she’s been able to get enjoy the experience of working halfway across the world.  

“The job requirements were a degree in photography, experience with some studio work, experience working with customers, and experience with sales,” she added.

“My previous job as a schools photographer really helped in my interview as it showed I had worked with various ages, including younger children, parents and teachers, and worked with studio lighting.

“Without gaining my degree I wouldn't have got the job so that was a big factor - it showed I could commit to three years away from home, so six months on the ship has been a breeze.

“I think it's just really important that you get stuck in with everything on the course, even if studio isn't what you enjoy doing it will benefit you massively in the long run as it shows you have experience in all different areas.”

Looking to the future, Lucy has big plans.

“I have recently set up my own wedding business, so, after this contract, I have a few booked in and wish to carry on booking in new clients,” she said.

“Eventually I want to make it my main job, as well as carrying on with my main love of landscape photography.”

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