Our data promise to you

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With significant attention on the big changes made to European data protection law - more commonly referenced as the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and applicable in the UK - we want to take this opportunity to reiterate our promise to you, as a member of the University's graduate and supporter community, in regard how we obtain, manage and use your data.

Managing your graduate record, to ensure you get the very best out of being a former student of the University - whether currently or when you perhaps look to us in the future -  continues to be at the very top of our agenda. As a graduate you're in the next phase of your association with the University and we are happy to tailor-make your experience. 

As shared in our regularly updated alumni and development data privacy policy; information held on your graduate record has, in good part, been provided by you upon entry to the University as a student, and is information that you have been happy for us to maintain as you have become a graduate. 

Our data promise: Ensuring that our graduates receive the full benefits and experience of being an alumnus/a of the University of South Wales whilst also ensuring their personal privacy is never compromised. We are committed to the principles of good data governance; therefore, our data processing notice will be reviewed and updated regularly aligned to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018

For many, additional information has been acquired through consensual interaction with us either as a result of providing a graduate record update, or by engaging with us in some way eg: registering for an event or agreeing to share data when you provide an alumni profile.  

For members of the community who do not wish to hear from us - be this at the moment or for the long term - we respond swiftly and reflect this on their graduate record. Some graduates are happy to hear from us but only via certain channels eg: email only, so this too is reflected on the graduate record.

With a national focus on the changes to data legislation, we've taken the opportunity to refresh sharing with you how we maintain your record and further information about this can be viewed in our data privacy policy. Our approach to how we manage personal data is the same for graduates living in Malaysia as it is for those living in Merthyr. This ensures we are at all times operating with a high level of service quality to all our constituents.

In short, we would never wish to override the rights and freedoms of you as an individual, so you can be assured that our communications will be considered and appropriate. If you ever wish to let us know you think otherwise, we're happy to hear from you and of course, amend some or all of your communication preferences.

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