An unusual use for a Music Technology Degree

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Josh Simister
Bsc Music Technology 2014

Josh got in touch to tell us about the very different way he is using his Music Technology course.

I really enjoyed the Music Technology course at USW, which I completed in 2014. The course taught me many skills and how to transfer them into a variety of careers. 

I think now I have the best job in the world! I am an Arctic Husky guide, in the winter I work for Hetta Huskies 200km above the Arctic circle in Lappish Finland. During our summer, I travel to Australia to work with Howling Huskies. My career now is 100 miles away from my studies but there are aspects where my degree has become useful. I spend most of my time outside with the dogs, but during the quieter months I spend a lot of my time editing, updating and maintaining our website which accounts for at least 70% of our clients. I have learnt the skills necessary to code and maintain the website from the media module of my music technology course. I also spend a lot of time filming and editing promotional videos in which I compose, mix and master the soundtracks for the videos. All of the skills necessary to compose and mix electronic music and to sync it with other media are things that I have learnt because of the music technology course especially the audio engineering module.

All of the Arctic husky guides have key roles amongst the team. The dogs always come first but when the quieter months come we all have our place for example my girlfriend is a qualified nurse and is our go to medical expert and another friend of mine trained as a baker, my role is computers and media.

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