Supporting graduate enterprise in these uncertain times

Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurs - COVID19

As we all make choices around social distancing and self-isolation given the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Team Alumni will soon be launching a communications campaign to support our SME, freelance and entrepreneur community.

In support of this community often hit hard in such uncertain times; we’d like to ensure that wherever possible, the wider graduate network is aware of goods & services that can still be purchased online or over the phone.

This may result in the purchase of vouchers to be redeemed in the future, a home delivery of a product usually only available in store or on the premises, or a digital asset than can be enjoyed online. All being well this effort will ensure that all important revenues are least effected. Worse case scenario, we hope this support will go some way to ensuring our graduate entrepreneurs don't go under in this fickle economic environment.

We appreciate this may not be possible for all, but for those it is relevant for, we’ll be promoting their enterprises over the coming weeks and highlight the ways customers can still make purchases.

Are you an SME, freelancer or graduate entrepreneur? Would you like to be part of this communications campaign? If so, we'd be more than happy to support you at this challenging time.

To take part, please email with the following:

• Logo (jpeg format)
• Brief outline of the goods &/or services you’d like to promote, including price(s) and ways customers can pay
• weblink – either general or to a specific page where further info about your goods &/or services in revised (or existing) format, is outlined
• phone number and named point of contact for customer queries
• Twitter and/or Insta handle of the enterprise so that we can tag you online

We're facing unprecedented times. We're here to support graduates where we can.


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