Travel Scholarship supports new beginnings in China

Benny Lynch - Rugby Coaching and Performance

Congratulations To Benny Lynch (BSc Rugby Coaching and Performance, 2018 and MSc Sports Coaching and Performance, 2020 ) who was recently awarded the The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales Travel Scholarship.

An award of £1000, the funding aims to support postgraduate students to travel and undertake a study project that will significantly assist in furthering their careers and also enhance and develop their talents. 

A committed sports practitioner, avid rugby fan and adopted son of Wales; Benny will shortly be heading to China to take up a teaching position and rugby coaching role with Shenzhen Pirates Rugby Club. His plans were delayed by the pandemic but it's hoped Benny will be travelling in May.

Benny elaborates: "This award will go towards the various travel costs associated with travelling to China at the moment. I have worked hard to save up the majority of the money although the award will help reduce the total amount I need to save."

He adds: "The funding eases the overall financial burden of moving to China, especially in the current times of hotel quarantine, COVID testing, and comprehensive health insurance. I am incredibly grateful to the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales for their award. I hope to make them, the University of South Wales, and Wales as a whole proud by going on to achieve bigger and better things in Wales, and the world at large!" 

Congratulations Benny and we look forward to hearing more about your experiences in China!

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