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TheDivorce_July2019 - Victoria Jenkins.jpg The Divorce

I thought I knew how to help them. I knew nothing. 

When Lydia and Josh Green walk into Karen’s office one rainy February morning, Karen sees a couple under stress, almost at breaking point. But working with struggling couples, finding out more about their problems, helping to save their marriages, is what Karen does. 

But as Karen spends more time with Lydia and Josh, her sense of unease grows… 

Lydia is something more than just a woman whose marriage is in trouble. She seems frightened for her safety. 

Josh is angry, grief-stricken and seems to be hiding a dark secret. 

And soon Karen herself is afraid – there is something about the behaviour of this couple that recalls traumatic incidents from her own past. There is something there that may be the key to saving them, if Karen can only unlock it in time… 

The Divorce will have you reading through the night and the ending will leave you breathless. Perfect for everyone who loved Gone Girl, The Woman in the Window and The Wife Between Us.

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Ian Jeffreys book 2019This book takes a radically different approach to the challenge of coaching in strength and conditioning. In doing so, it addresses many of the paradoxes of strength and conditioning, providing new perspectives that shed light on to the many questions that challenge coaches.

Rather than focusing on methods, it delves into the questions of what makes a coach effective. It examines the conditions that are necessary for training applications to become optimal, and the skills necessary to create these conditions. It provides coaches with a flexible pathway towards understanding the challenges of strength and conditioning and by which they can develop the craft of coaching to maximise their effectiveness and potential.

The book is essential reading for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a strength and conditioning coach, acting essentially as a prequel to the many scientific and applied texts in the field. It will also appeal to more experienced coaches providing a wider perspective on the challenges they face and providing potential solutions not traditionally considered. [Routledge]

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Anita KirkpatrickThe Story of Silage

The Story of Silage on River View Farm is a children’s educational book about how silage is made on our farm in Northern Ireland. All the photographs have been taken by the author, who lives on the farm, and the easy narrative appeals to children and even a few adults who have grown up in towns and cities!

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Dave Lewis - Going Off GridGoing Off Grid

A modern poetry classic focusing on digital capitalism, the negative influence of big tech and our addiction to data. Deeply concerned with the negative direction mankind is taking Lewis argues we need to steer ourselves back to a simpler, happier place in the more important offline world. His new work has been described as ‘The Waste Land for millennials’ by Welsh singer/songwriter Andrew Davies

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Barrie LlewelynGather Gold and other stories

Women who should know better, but don’t. Characters who occupy both urban America and rural Wales – sometimes at the same time.

Mothers and daughters; husbands and lovers - these are some of the tensions and fusions explored in this surprising collection by Barrie Llewelyn, a writer who is interested in the way each authentic voice can be startling and, sometimes, disturbing.

"Moving and powerful. Llewelyn writes with a quiet elegance reminiscent of the best of Amy Hempel or Raymond Carver. Sublime." Mike Thomas

"Tightly crafted with an immediate and intriguing voice, which is no mean feat given the range of narrators used. Intensely relevant, thought-provoking and engaging!" Tom Anderson

“The stories are beautifully observed; they stay with the reader for a long time afterwards.” Emma Darwin 

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