Leadership skills help scientists create life-changing Biopharmaceuticals

Porton Biopharma

The University of South Wales (USW) has helped to develop a customised leadership programme in partnership with a major bio-pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company. 

Working with Porton Biopharma Limited (PBL), USW has co-created a bespoke scheme that will enhance the skills of the company’s leaders to help them produce high-quality products to meet the needs of their clients, particularly as leadership capability in scientists has been increasingly important in cultivating new medicines to save lives. 

The programme, which is accredited by ILM, is based on PBL’s six core values, and behaviours linked to those values.  

Through interactive and experiential development sessions, the company’s staff have access to practical tools and techniques which can be immediately implemented as part of their roles. 

Formerly part of Public Health England (PHE), PBL, spun-off from the public sector body to become a private limited company,  giving it more freedom to operate and pursue its strategic objective of developing and manufacturing life-saving products 

The collaboration between PBL and USW demonstrates the value of long-term partnership of industry and education. Already five years old, the relationship has helped the company to redirect its business culture, train its workforce, and develop future leaders. It has been so successful that those involved in the initial training in 2015 are now leading sessions for the next generation of PBL’s leaders. 

Dr Roger J Hinton, Managing Director of PBL, said: “Over the past few years USW and PBL have developed a successful approach towards the development of our leaders and managers.  

“This training programme is a key element in the success of executing successful human capital planning as it provides the tools needed for the future of the company which will allow us to develop and make  even more life-saving  biopharmaceutical products for worldwide markets.  

“We have a robust training plan to deliver the right capability, at the right time, in sufficient quantity to support PBL’s ambitious business objectives.  

“The successful co-operation between the USW & PBL delivers the talent management outcomes and is working within the framework of the wider business plan.” 

Dr Nara Ringrose, Director of HR at PBL, said: “Shaping the future of PBL involves everyone and every part of our business.  

“We use our leadership and management development strategy to figure out how to achieve business goals and invest in our people’s development.  

“Experts have been talking about leadership and management for centuries, however, in organisations all over the world the same challenging question remains the same: how do we develop a set of leadership and management skills?  

“In PBL, we found one of the solutions which led to the creation of a unique co-operation between business and education.  

“In partnership with the USW, we have created a flexible training plan which allows managers to develop their leadership and management competencies needed for the business and their personal development.  

“Our success depends on our employees, and they need to be inspired and supported.” 

Kevin Christie, USW Facilitator, said: “The learning environment that the delegates have created is high on energy, very challenging and an optimum place to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and practise new behaviours in relative safety.  

“It is both valuable and rewarding to have the opportunity to implement management theories and concepts and follow their impact in a dynamic and crucial industry.  

“We have a focus to continue to improve the programme, with PBL and USW working closely together to review its impact and ensure that changes are made to fit the needs of the business and incorporate the most recent and modern thinking in management and leadership.”

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