USW graduates Dragon Scale Studios set sail with brand new game


Startup Stiwdio, a bespoke startup support programme for USW alumni, recently caught up with Luke Maloney and Jan Palka, the graduates behind Dragon Scale Studios, who discussed the support they have received from Stiwdio, their brand new game ‘Set Sail!‘ and opportunities for growth in Dundee.

When did you join Startup Stiwdio?

We joined the Startup Stiwdio in November 2023.

Tell me about your business idea and concept?

Dragon Scale Studios is a game development studio based in Cardiff, looking to become one of the upcoming game studios in Wales. We are developing our first game Set Sail! A 4 Player, Couch Co-op, Pirate Party Adventure, which is in full development with a Demo on Steam right now. We aim to build IPs around both the pirate setting and the couch co-op genre and are eager to collaborate with Welsh and UK creatives and companies to use this IP both commercially but also for positive impacts.

Why have you joined the startup Stiwdio?

We joined the Startup Stiwdio for a few reasons. Firstly, the support and advice from Richie Turner and other experts at the Stiwdio has helped us to grow and develop quicker as a company using knowledge we didn’t previously have.

We also wanted to connect with the amazing creatives and business owners that are members there, as we love collaboration and finding ways to work with others.

Finally, having a co-working space with meeting rooms we can use for design and team meetings is useful for tasks that need to be discussed in person.

What is #DunDev2024 and how did you get there? What was the journey to Dun Dev?

DunDev is a fully funded 4-week hot-housing programme in Dundee that has been an accelerator for us as a studio. With office space and local accommodation, we have been able to work together as a team more efficiently and intensely, making great progress on our game and studio. We’ve also had meetings with expert advisors and local business owners, from games to legal, that have continued to give us useful insight and new knowledge we can utilise as a catalyst for success.

Why is this experience important for Dragon Scale Studios?

The team building opportunity from this experience is great for our commitment and long term vision as a successful studio, and the grant funding received during the programme has helped us to invest in events and contractor work that fills gaps in our team.

Also, having not one but two historical ships nearby has been great fun for marketing! (HMS Discovery and HMS Unicorn)

Why is Welsh Gaming Important to you?

Welsh gaming is important for us because it is a region that has incredible talent and potential but has fallen behind the other UK regions. The wave of support and investment from the Welsh government and other creative bodies shows there is promise and potential in Wales and we want to be at the head of that, taking inspiration from the incredible success of Wales Interactive and driving the games industry forward, in the UK but more importantly in Wales.

What is your mission for Dragon Scale Studios?

Our mission is to become a sustainable and recognised game studio across the world, that supports students and graduates get into the industry, and developing IPs and franchises that players love and present opportunities for collaboration into other forms of media with positive impact, such as education, climate changed and diversity.

Where can we find the demo of your gaming concept?

You can play it right now on Steam! -

Do you have social media links? Please list below.

All of our social links can be found on our Linktree here -

Find out more about Startup Stiwdio:

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