USW launches free 'Back to Work' course

Course imge: MBA Global, B Block on Treforest Campus

The University of South Wales has launched a free course for people who would like to brush up on their work skills, aimed at people who are currently on furlough, out of work, or just looking to change jobs. 

Learners study at their own pace and learning takes place through a variety of formats such as videos, podcasts and reading resources. A quiz follows each section to enable learners to check their progress, and a certificate of completion is awarded at the end. 

The course covers three modules: Business Basics, Digital Skills and Wellbeing, with the aim of building confidence and raising awareness of skills that are useful in a work environment. 


  • Emotional intelligence; 
  • Managing change; 
  • Mindfulness; 
  • Self-talk and video diaries 
Business Basics: 
  • Employee engagement; 
  • Project management; 
  • Better conversations; 
  • Interview advice and setting targets 
Digital Skills: 

  • Social media; 
  • Digital literacy; 
  • Creating a CV; 
  • Working from home 
  • Digital footprint 

Clare Johnson, USW's Partnership and Outreach Manager said:
"We are really excited to offer this free course at this challenging time. Being out of work can lead to feelings of isolation and lack of confidence, so the course is designed to provide tools and information that will help refresh these skills, as well as offering some guidance for maintaining good mental health". 

If you would like further details about the course, please contact project lead Clare Johnson. To enrol now for free, please visit our online registration.

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