On campus technical facilities to hire and film

On campus Technical facilities to hire and film


Some of the most popular facilities on campus to hire are detailed below. All our sites double as filming locations, which have been utilised by the BBC, Sky and Channel 4 for various television programme filming throughout the years.


Clinical simulation centre: Our state-of-the-art clinical simulation centre accurately replicates an acute care NHS environment, complete with realistic clinical facilities for healthcare students and professionals alike, creating an immersive environment that is equal parts authentic and clinically challenging. For more information - click here


Hydra Simulation Centre: An incredibly sophisticated of piece of technology, Hydra teaches police officers to use specific skills and develop their understanding of the law in a variety of immersive and realistic policing situations. It achieves this by presenting a varied mix of video clips, audio clips and written tasks to test student on-the-spot abilities. For more information - click here


Crime Scene Training facilities: The Professor Bernard Knight building is home to our crime scene investigation facilities, including several realistic crime scene simulations, be it domestic burglaries and break-ins, complex homicide scenes and more. It’s as close to the real thing for forensic students to learn the ins and outs of a would-be crime scene. - For more information - click here


Music studios: Located at our Atrium campus, we have several state-of-the-art recording studios available for hire, kitted out for musical professionals of all industries and abilities.


Sports Facilities: Our state-of-the-art Sports Park has played host to the Welsh Football Trust National Conference, the FITA World Archery Championships, the URDD Gemau Athlete’s Village, and a host of high level pre-season training camps.  For more information - click here