Episode 1: Digital Transformation in Healthcare – What it really means

Digital Transformation in Healthcare – What it really means

In this episode we discuss what digital transformation in health care really means and explore the differences between the leadership and change challenges.

We delve into what aspects of Leadership are really changing (or may be the same), and how leaders can foster continous service improvements and innovations while managing expectation within Healthcare settings. 

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Thanks for listening and thank you to our guest Bob Hudson

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Bob has been a driving force behind transformation within the NHS in Wales for many years. Having retired from his role as Director of the NHS Wales Collaborative in 2018 Bob joined the University of South Wales in 2020 as a Visiting Professor within the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education. Alongside his work on the ILA Bob is also co-leading work for the University on the Health and Wellbeing Accelerator Programme. 

In November 2020 Bob took on the role of Interim Chair to oversee the establishment of a new national agency for digital health and care services in NHS Wales. Digital Health and Care Wales was formally established in April 2021 and following establishment Bob led the Board through its first 6 months of operation.

Bob has held 4 CEO posts within the Welsh NHS as CEO of Gwent Community Health NHS Trust, Gwent Health Authority, founding CEO of Public Health Wales and Powys Teaching Local Health Board. He worked in Government as the NHS Regional Director for southeast Wales and as Director of Strategy for the Welsh Government Health Department. 

Bobs interests are in public health, service and system redesign, management and organisational development and environmental sustainability. He is a Companion of the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM). Bob was awarded the OBE for services to the NHS in Wales in 2018.