Episode 2: Global Trends in Digital Health

Global Trends in Digital Health

In this episode we chat to Ifan about the global trends in digital health, he shares with us his key learnings from the pandemic response in Wales and what the future strategy for digital health and social care will look like. We also discuss what the expected pain points will be for leaders when trying to transform their organisations as we "bounce back" from periods of enforced change

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Thanks for listening and thank you to our guest Ifan Evans

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Ifan will soon take up a new role as Executive Director for Strategy at Digital Health & Care Wales, which leads delivery of national digital platforms and services for NHS Wales.  His responsibilities will include strategic planning, digital transformation programmes, and industry engagement.
Previously Ifan was Director Digital, Technology & Transformation in the Welsh Government.  He wrote A Healthier Wales, the long term plan for health and care in Wales, and was the national lead for Brexit readiness across health and social care  He has been a champion for innovation, technology adoption, and digital transformation.  Ifan is passionate about applying digital technologies and data as tools to clarify and simplify, reducing unwarranted variation and making services better for professionals and the public.  He believes that working openly with a wide range of partners is the best way to address current and future challenges in health and care, particularly by applying new solutions to existing problems and measuring outcomes in real time.

Ifan has a private sector background, and has degrees from Oxford, Aberystwyth, and Cardiff Universities.