Episode 3: The Agile Way

The Agile Way

Agile is a word bandied about in many guises, Agile Working, Agile Transformation, and more commonly Agile Projects.  

In its simplest form Agile means: ‘able to move quickly and easily’ We think this best applies to a dynamic project environment and it's here to stay.  This podcast explores, what Agile PM is what are the main components that make a real difference to the way we manage projects, and why that is good for your business. 

Miles shares insights and lessons learned on adopting and integrating agile principles and practices into a variety of work environments.

If you want to find out more about the Change Management Podcast or the Change Makers programme, you can enquire here. Thanks for listening and thank you to our guest Miles Huckle, USW Associate and Director of Annovista Ltd. 

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