Episode 3: Using a design approach to inform strategy

Using a design approach to inform strategy

In this episode we look at how clinical and digital strategy are brought together using the national Clinical Framework. It will cover the importance of good clinical engagement, use of design principles and an approach which involves implementation and evaluation rather than 'rolling out'. The role of 'Informaticians' in facilitating this, and opportunities to train in that skill-set will be highlighted.

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Thanks for listening and thank you to our guest Allan Wardhaugh

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Allan graduated from Edinburgh University in 1989 training initially in General Practice in Scotland, then Paediatrics in New Zealand and Wales and finally Paediatric Intensive Care at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He was a Consultant Paediatric Intensivist at the Children’s Hospital for Wales from 2003 - 2021. As Clinical Director of Child Health for a number of years, he oversaw the move into the first Children’s Hospital for Wales. 

With a team led by the Chief Medical Officer for Wales, he helped develop a National Clinical Framework for Wales and now leads its implementation. The framework seeks to build a clinically-led data-informed 'learning health and care system' in Wales.  

He has an interest in clinical informatics and was Cardiff and Vale UHB's Assistant Medical Director and Chief Clinical Information Officer for 5 years. A graduate of the NHS Digital Academy, he has been involved in several national informatics programmes, including the National Data Resource Programme and secondary care clinical lead in TEC Cymru implementing Video Consultation across Wales.