Episode 4: Digital Health Revolution: How do we change Big Data to Smart Data?

How do we change Big Data to Smart Data?

Prof Boyd’s research is exploring the role of technology in shifting us from ‘Big data’ to ‘Smart data’, in this episode he explores emerging directions in this rapidly evolving space.

The digital health revolution is changing the way we deliver care with a focus on enhancing the deployment and use of existing and emerging technologies that capture and analyse all forms of data. 

He tells us why the effective use of ‘big data’ and data science techniques are essential to allow us to expand our knowledge base using complex data assets collected from these digital health solutions. This requires safe, secure and scalable technologies to keep pace with the exponential increase in the generation and use of data, from traditional administrative data collations to imaging, wearables, medical devices and social media. 

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Thanks for listening and thank you to our guest James Boyd.

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Professor James Boyd is the inaugural Chair in Digital Health at La Trobe University. He has a strong research background and is an international expert in data linkage who is leading La Trobe’s Digital Health strategy around course development and research. The digital health program at La Trobe University aims to address limitations and inefficiencies in the healthcare system resulting from the lack of ‘joined-up’ information, evidence, and knowledge. 

Professor Boyd has over 25 years’ experience working with large national linked population-based health administrative datasets to produce national epidemiological and management information, assisting in the monitoring and evaluation of health service performance.