Episode 6: Embedding Change

Embedding Change

Is it easier to adapt and make changes when there is a sense of urgency or a crisis, such as a global pandemic? 

Dr Louise Bright is joined by Dr Arthur Turner from The Professional Development Centre. In this episode, they’ll be discussing embedding change within teams and organisations.  

We know that people are responding and galvanise to a purpose. Sometimes with change you are pressured into it, Leaders need to think more about what’s going on so you make the right decision, there needs to be a balance and reflection, before you make decisions which you can’t undo.   

People take inspiration from unexpected places, within in all of us there is ability to find creativity to solve problems. Our Leaders need to take calm contemplation of the facts, with a sprinkle of creativity to help their teams come out the other side of this in a collaborative way and to really embed these changes so organisations can thrive. 

If you want to find our more about the Change Management Podcast or the Change Makers programme, please click here. Thanks for listening and thank you to our guest Dr Arthur Turner.

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