All Wales Coaching Alliance

All Wales Coaching Alliance

About Us

The All Wales Coaching Alliance is an independent, not for profit network of coaches and was set up in 2019 by a group of like-minded coaches, who were keen on expanding the good practice of coaching in Wales on a voluntary basis.  The vision and purpose of this group is to promote and sustain a vibrant network for coaching practice throughout Wales.  It is free of charge to join and be part of this movement for coaching in Wales

Disclaimer: USW is affiliated with the All Wales Coaching Alliance and participation  a voluntary basis.  USW hosts the webpages and the VLE free of charge and without prejudice.

The beginning of the center

The intent of the group is to share research, practice, techniques, and events that will develop the coaching fraternity in Wales towards a community of practice.

Purpose & Aims: 

The purpose of the All-Wales Coaching Alliance is to link and connect all coaching groups across Wales and beyond. Providing an arena for discussion, a central calendar for events and a repository of resources and research for all coaches in Wales. 

Our aim is to provide a space for deep reflection and connection to continually improve our coaching practice. We meet to support each other and to benefit the community of which we are a part, by being that best that we can be.  

Linking and strengthening existing coaching networks and connecting coaches from all sectors to: 

  • Share experience, provide co-coaching, supervision and development opportunities.  
  • Support organisations who are trying to embed coaching within their culture  
  • Change the quality of conversations in the workplace. 
  • Learn from each other. 
  • Help Wales and wider society become a sustainability-led learning community. 

Our Commitment:

Is to achieve this though reciprocity and mutual support, while adhering to our code of conduct. Alliance members agree to: 

  • be present and respectful of other Alliance members  
  • be non-judgemental, providing a safe space for open and honest discussion  
  • be supportive and encouraging   
  • keep confidence, guarding the privacy of Alliance members
  • refrain from using this group as a place to market services and products offered by members.   

Alliance is made of:

Membership of the alliance is open to all coaches throughout Wales who would like to be part of a movement in Wales to drive forward the agenda of coaching practice, explore the new and share learning in a safe supportive environment.  Membership is Free of Charge.  We ask that all members contribute positively to help support others extend their coaching practice.  

For further information, please email [email protected] 

Invitation to Join Welsh Coaching Alliance

Are you a professional coach or someone who is trying to use coaching skills in your everyday work or in your community?  You can help us to create a stronger coaching community of practice by doing the following:

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