Wales Coaching Conference

WALES COACHING CONFERENCE 2021: Coaching for tomorrow

The Wales Coaching Centre is bringing to you the 8th annual Coaching Conference which will be like no other.

This year we are celebrating coaching in a 3-day virtual event, from the 23rd to 25th March 2021.  

We will be exploring how wellbeing and sustainability play a key role in coaching for tomorrow and how coaching can help us plan for a new, exciting, and prosperous future.

We need to think bigger about our future and how we act every day in the workplace. As coaches, we sit with some powerful leaders and change agents, as facilitators we work with organisations and teams that make a difference.

We are aiming to enable individual practitioners, and the profession of coaching to develop strategies and practices that provide our clients (individuals, leaders and their teams) the right space to step into their necessary leadership role in the face of the changing environment, to maintain hope and grounded optimism.

The Wales Coaching Conference brings together coaches, coaching psychologists, and coaching supervisors, facilitators and other leadership professionals to encourage discussion, engagement and confidence in Coaching for the future and to be an enabling, learning space. 

We appreciate that some collaborators may be experienced in this field, there will be many for whom this will be their first engagement in sustainability and wellbeing-based Coaching.

This event is open to everyone involved in coaching practice, whether at the start of your coaching career or as a seasoned practitioner.  

Join us in virtually meeting up with your Coaching community with plenty of opportunities to network, catch up, and share experiences and knowledge.

You will hear from leading practitioners and academics in the field of Coaching and Mentoring.

You will gain full access to all three days where you’ll experience a jam-packed schedule of interactive, online masterclasses, all designed to demonstrate practical and innovative thinking that you can apply immediately into your role.

The sessions will be recorded and made available post-conference. 

Day 1:  “Coaching and Climate Change: How Can We Best Serve?” - Linda Aspey 

Climate change, environmental degradation, societal injustice, biodiversity loss, and extinction-actual or threatened-are some of the great challenges of our time. In this keynote address, Linda Aspey will invite you to consider how we can best respond and be of service as coaches. How might we work with the climate and ecological crisis and how do we support our clients through these times whilst encountering and trying to manage our own existential concerns, defences and anxieties about climate change? And where do we go for professional support and development? 

Linda is an executive and team coach, facilitator, speaker, supervisor, psychotherapist, and member of the Time to Think global faculty. A founding member of the Climate Coaching Alliance, Linda speaks and writes widely about climate change and coaching, and climate psychology. 

Day 2: Wellbeing and presence - Maria Iliffe-Wood 

Is there a link between mental wellbeing and presence? What’s the difference between the two states of mind, and what’s the same? Maria Iliffe-Wood will explore how she sees presence and mental wellbeing, how the two are intertwined and what that means for our coaching practice. 

Maria is an Executive and Leadership Team Coach and Coach Supervisor Author of Coaching Presence, Building Consciousness and Awareness into Coaching Interventions 

Day 3: Transpersonal Coaching - Hetty Einzig

Transpersonal coaching is based on transpersonal psychology and actively engages with our Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) building on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and ecosystemic thinking to enable deeper and broader perspectives on the challenges we face today. Transpersonal Coaching enables us to work more appropriately and effectively to build resilience and sustainability, foster a holistic sense of wellbeing and engage positively with change. It is a coaching model fit for purpose in a world now recognised as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This presentation will introduce you to the transpersonal model of the self, to values-based coaching principles and models that will help your clients discover the power and effectiveness of who they are, how to sustain their spirit in difficult times, and help them create deep and meaningful change.

Hetty brings 25 years of psychology and executive coaching experience to global leadership development. A best-selling author, her career has spanned the arts, journalism, media, health and policy development in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Day 1: Sustainability - 23rd March

The Skills Tent

  • What use are Models anyway?  Mary Hughes 
  • Sustaining ourselves in challenging times - Jeannette Marshall 
  • Personal Brand - Joanna Davies 


  • Coaches and Activism: Dangerous Territory? - Linda Aspey 
  • Embracing uncertainty: Coaching for Future Generations - Tanya Nash 
  • Time to Think: Listening to Liberate - Linda Aspey 
  • Getting started with a sustainability policy for your coaching practice - Alison Whybrow 

The Coaches Studio

  • A Masters Medley - Sue Ling 
  • Coaching in Education - Rose Blackman-Hegan

Coaching Live

  • Critical Reflection in Coaching Supervision - Pamela Heneberry & Arthur Turner 
  • The Environment is an Open Space: Co-Reflection Group - Mary Hughes

Day 2: Wellbeing – Wednesday 24th March 

The Skills Tent

  • Problem Talk v Solution Talk: Helping the Coachee Reframe Problems to Create Movement - Chris Munro 
  • ‘Don't think of the blue rhinoceros’ – Setting positive, achievable intentions - Victoria Hall & Julie Watkins 
  • Lessons learned from an NHS Coach: addressing pandemic moral injury and trauma through coaching - Cecilia Jones
  • Empowerment in Health and Wellbeing - Dr Andrew Parsons
  • Group Coaching for Wellbeing - Dr Ana Paula Nacif     


  • Career Resilience – A secret weapon for challenging times - Ruth Wootton 
  • Integrating Health & Well-Being into Coaching - Anthony Eldridge-Rogers
  • What if your Client has Suicidal Thoughts? - Marie Faire  
  • Exploring the Link between Presence and Wellbeing - Maria Iliffe-Wood 

Coaching Live 

  • Group Supervision Taster - Mary Hughes 

The Coaches Studio

  • The Demanding Nature of Coaching: Lessons Learned from Sport - Brendan Cropley 
  • Can a film inspire self-knowledge, self-care and give a moment to pause? - Anthony Eldridge-Rogers & Lehla Eldridge 

Day 3: Coaching for Tomorrow – Thursday 25th March 

The Skills Tent

  • Outdoor intelligence for online coaching - Fi Macmillan 
  • Points of View: Exploring through Reframing - Mary Hughes
  • Reflecting on Imperfection - Dr Carol Jarvis 


  • Mastering the art of Team Coaching - Georgina Woudstra & Allard de Jong 
  • The First Moments - Marc Gaudart
  • Crucible Moments: creative ways of working with pain, crisis and failure  
  • A Transpersonal approach - Hetty Einzig
  • Corporate Wellness  - Dr Andrew Parsons 

The Coaches Studio 

  • Coaching in Local Government Organisation - Victoria Hall & Julie Watkins 
  • Group Coaching in Action - Georgina Woudstra & Allard de Jong 
  • Lessons from Neurodiversity in Coaching - Elwyn Davies 

Coaching Live

  • Group Supervision Taster - Mary Hughes 

It’s been an incredibly tough year, and as a valued part of our coaching community we are freezing last year's price, while providing 2 additional days of jam-packed interactive sessions to hone your coaching skills and gain new thinking on matters of sustainability and wellbeing. 

You can book online here OR if you would like to be invoiced, please use our online booking form 

If you are booking for more than five places, a multi-save discount is available, please email us and a member of our staff will be in touch to discuss this further. 

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