Episode 2: Coaching 2.0

Coaching 2.0

Darren discusses levels of self-awareness as a key indicator of capacity and capability in the context of leadership and coaching. How are these levels useful, and how can we pay attention to them in the moment. He also talks about the benefits of his new Coaching 2.0 framework as a separate and functional methodology to support coaching practises.

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Thanks for listening and thank you to our guest Dr Darren Stevens

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Trained in 2005 in NLP for 5 years. Then did a PhD in adult development where I created a new theory in psychology (Constructed Development Theory) which has a huge impact on coaching as an industry. I created a new coaching framework (Coaching 2.0) that starts with a client's construction of self, not their problem state.

I have 40 people around the world using my framework in their coaching business at this point. I am working with the ICF to profile c500 coaches to determine levels of self-awareness. I'm hopefully setting up a Centre of Excellence for coaches at Wells Fargo bank in Philadelphia. And I will be starting a new governing body for coaches around the world using my framework as the benchmark for coaching capability.