Leadership and management

It takes a unique set of skills and behaviours to become a leader of change. Discover and develop the strengths you need to make a real difference with USW’s Leadership and Management programme. 

This course will leave you ready to lead. Through experiential learning, you’ll challenge your outlook, as well as identify opportunities for your organisation to realise more effective digital solutions, evolve its ecosystems and spark meaningful change. True leaders envision what’s possible, and help their people make it happen. Whether you’re currently a senior manager or aspire to leadership, power your path to success by taking your skillset to a new level, and become the transformative force your organisation needs.

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This ILM endorsed programme will help you: 

  • Apply more collaborative decision-making to empower others 
  • Manage rising expectations of employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders 
  • Drive digital transformation in your organisation 
  • Build and leverage ecosystems to encourage innovation and resilience 
  • Foster a shared sense of purpose at every level 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of theoretical approaches to leadership 
  • Develop self-awareness and become a more effective leader 
  • Expand your personal and professional network 

We cover a wide spectrum of subjects, as well as focussing on the fundamentals in detail. Here’s how the content breaks down across sessions: 

  • Developing Your Senior Leadership Skills 
  • Strategic Leadership Environment  
  • Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making    
  • Leading Digital Transformation 
  • Strategic Leadership – Developing Strategy, Tools and Techniques 
  • Developing Senior Leadership – Critical Thinking 
  • Developing Senior Leadership – Meta Cognition 
  • Projects and Programmes Leadership 

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We’ve created the course for individuals with a great deal of management responsibility, either currently at senior level or on the ladder up. If you’re looking to learn strategies for transformational change, we’ll show you the tools.

An Open Mind Opens Doors

Experiential learning is the ultimate way to progress. The content of this programme challenges your ways of doing and thinking to unlock your inner leader. Come ready to discuss and debate, and above all, embrace new styles and skills.

Expect The Experiential 

USW Professional Development offers experiential learning led by experts. Each course is designed to bring you the best learning experience possible. You can expect to leave our Leadership and Management programme with the tools and techniques you need to thrive, but here’s what to expect from the course itself:

Virtual Environment 

We deliver virtual learning in real time, and with real leaders at the helm. A variety of multimedia resources, live chats and breakout rooms create an immerse online setting to engage with.  

Engaging Learning 

You’ll learn through a whole host of formats, from workshops to collaborative group challenges. 

Must-See Speakers 

Our innovative facilitators are some of the best in the field, with an impressive knowledge of theory and practise to tap into. 

Networking and Knowledge Sharing 

We keep numbers limited for a more intimate feel, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to connect and network with trainers and attendees alike. 

To get the most from the content, we ask you to fully commit to the process. You’re invited  to actively engage in the 14 half-day virtual workshops, alongside self-directed learning between sessions: totalling 10 hours over the course of the programme.  

How You’re Assessed 

The ILM Level 7 Award in Strategic Leadership and Management demonstrates how you’re developing your strategic leadership and management ability. The assessment task lets you relate your learning directly to the experience within your organisation, asking you to combine theory with practise.  

You’ll create: 

  • 1 written assignment of 5000 to 6000 words on a strategic digital transformation in your area of responsibility. 
  • 3 MP4 videos of 5 to 10-minutes, focusing on these three topics: 
  • Critical reflections on my leadership style and personal development 
  • Critical reflections on leadership within the context of my organisation 
  • Critical reflections on my ability to lead change


The programme is £1995.00 which includes all course materials and ILM registration. 

Reserve your place by completing our booking form. 

Course Dates: Next Intake 12th October 2023

  • Induction (09:30 - 10:30) 12th October 2023
  • 14 taught sessions (09:30 - 13:30), 19th October 2023, 9th November 2023, 13th December, 4th January 2024, 23rd January, 15th February, 6th March, 21st March, 10th April, 9th May, 29th May, 12th June, 1st July, 2nd July & 14th August 2024. 

Format: Via our virtual learning environment.

The above courses can be delivered through our open-access programme (virtual) or as bespoke programmes within your organisation. If you are looking to access funding for you or your organisation, explore our funding routes or make an enquiry to speak to our advisors.