Vocational NVQ route boosts confidence and business acumen of Invacare manager


A manager at Invacare, who progressed from an NVQ Level 5 in Supply Chain Management to a Level 7 in Strategic Management, has credited his vocational USW programmes for boosting his confidence and business acumen.

Ian Price works as a procurement planner for the disability manufacturer. He has worked with supply chain for many years, but always struggled with the finance aspect of business planning.

Ian decided to take the vocational NVQ route as opposed to CIPS due to his style of learning. He has found it easier to work around his work schedule, whilst still gaining all of the essential knowledge and qualifications for his career.

He says: “I would say the courses have definitely improved my business acumen. They have opened up areas that perhaps I was scared of - I’ve always feared the finance side of things but now I can see why it’s important. I have a better understanding of contracts and business plans, and use more investigative tools such as SWOT and PESTLE, which have made a huge difference to the way I and my team work.

“Most people in my organisation went down the CIPS route, but I wanted something a little more flexible that still gives me everything I need to progress. The NVQs have done that for me, and I’m so glad I chose this way of learning as opposed to the more academic, traditional route.”

The NVQ supply chain programme is coursework-based programme with no exams. It also allows you to choose when you complete your work, as opposed to strict classroom hours.

Ian says: “We have quite a few big projects on this year, so doing the NVQ allowed me to leave coursework to the weekend so it doesn’t get in the way of my work schedule.”

Ian also credited his supportive tutors, and has said his programmes gave him more insight into how to communicate, deal with employer issues and manage resource.

For more information on the NVQ in Supply Chain Management, please click here. For more information on the NVQ in Strategic Leadership, please click here. To speak to a member of the business development team, please email [email protected]