Critical Thinking programme develops more effective problem solving techniques at Sigma Systems

Sigma Project Management

Sigma Systems are a global organisation, providing catalog-driven software solutions for communications, media and high-tech companies.

In January 2018, USW Commercial Services were approached by Sigma to deliver a ‘Critical Thinking’ course for their software development teams. Working with our delivery partner, Miles Huckle at Annovista, the workshop was designed to help participants better understand how to approach problems, to think differently, make informed decisions and to be able to tap into new ways of approaching problems. These approaches and techniques will enable the teams and, ultimately, the organisation, to improve performance.

The programme was delivered over one day with a further half day a few weeks later allowing time for reflection, embedding of learning and allowing any new challenges to arise and be discussed.

Highly experiential delivery enabled participants to not only develop their Critical Thinking skills, but also to take away tangible tools and techniques to apply into their everyday roles.

Rhys Pearce had been with Sigma for 3 months when he was invited to attend. He said: “I didn’t know what to expect but found the course really unique. The tutor didn’t lecture or tell us how to think and I find that it’s constantly in the back of my mind now.”

Another attendee, Dhruv Bhatt commented: “Your natural reaction is to plough on and find a solution. The course emphasised the need to take a step back and try to find the root cause before you approach the problem or come up with a solution.”

Anthony Gascoigne, Development Manager at Sigma, said: “Miles showed great energy in his delivery. We have definitely seen something positive from the course; the teams communicate better with each other, are able to discuss problems, think about solutions and take a step back. It has also improved team morale.”

Lisa Hand, Senior HR Manager, said: “We found it very easy to work with USW. Rather than using an ‘off the shelf’ approach, the team really wanted to understand our needs and objectives for the programme to then tailor the syllabus accordingly. There was also a genuine interest from Miles who really wanted to understand us as an organisation.”

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