Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD)

Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD)

This online course will improve your awareness and knowledge of Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD). Gain an understanding of the intricacies of ARBD development, identification and support through training modules dedicated to: Background, Development, Management and Support, and Practice Recommendations.

This course is designed to help improve your awareness of Alcohol Related Brain Damage. By completing the course, you will improve your understanding surrounding the aetiology, prevalence and risk factors associated with ARBD. An overview of the current evidence supporting assessments and ongoing care for those living with ARBD is outlined.

Following this, guidance is provided to help you apply this information to your daily practice, including information relating to safeguarding and capacity assessment in vulnerable adults.

There are two Tiers with accompanying downloadable resources. Tier 1 is aimed at everyone working in Health and Social Care settings and Tier 2 provides more in-depth knowledge for practitioners who are more directly involved in the direct care and support of those with ARBD.

Each tier of the training comprises of modules. In order to progress to Tier 2, completion of Tier 1 is required. The following modules are covered:

Tier 1 Course Modules (takes 2-4 hours to complete):

  • Background: Population prevalence estimates, associated conditions, and risk factors.
  • Development: Key physical, psychological and behavioural factors including current advice and guidance regarding alcohol intake.
  • Identification: Identification, screening and assessment criteria and processes; ARBD associated features and traits.
  • Management and Support: Overview of current best practice management recommendations, identifying sign-posting information and offering tips for day-to-day practice, irrespective of your role.
  • Wider support and care recommendations: Practical considerations in relation to working with individuals with ARBD and relapse prevention are discussed.

Tier 2 Course Modules (takes 6-8 hours to complete):

  • Background: Covers complexities of establishing prevalence estimates; individuals and societal harms related to alcohol use disorders; in-depth discussion surrounding the reversibility component of ARBD.
  • Development: Provides more detailed information in relation to the association between alcohol consumption and the development of cognitive, behavioural and functional impairments.
  • Identification: Insight into the complexities of cognitive assessment and diagnosis of ARBD. Overview of the importance of multidisciplinary working and holistic assessments.
  • Management and Support: Current management guidelines and recommendations, including information on thiamine provision, diet and nutritional enrichments, and cognitive strategies.
  • Wider support and care recommendations: Dedicated section on safeguarding, advocacy and capacity assessment in individuals with cognitive impairment relating to ARBD.

Tier 1 is relevant for everyone working in Health and Social Care settings. The information has been curated so that this is applicable irrespective of your role or background.

Tier 2 is more in depth providing more detailed at each stage. As such, this tier is aimed at those more directly involved in the care and support of those with ARBD, including those designing or running services. For example:

  • Alcohol Support Workers
  • Community and acute services Alcohol Care Team staff
  • Primary care and district nursing teams
  • Specialist psychologists and occupational therapists
  • General practitioners
  • Public health organisations
  • Government, third sector and NHS commissioners
  • Acute medical staff
  • Service managers
  • Psychiatrists

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Please be advised that access to the online learning materials is valid for a duration of three months from the date of enrolment. Ensure timely completion of the course within this timeframe.

The price of this course is as follows:

Tier 1 = £80

Tier 2 = £160

Format: Via our virtual learning environment.