Change Management


Change is happening on a global scale. The strategic landscape is now defined by change and innovation. This virtual and interactive programme aims to help you forge a new roadmap to support your team and organisation in navigating through new opportunities, to ensure change enables you to thrive.

The Change Maker Programme

The Change Maker Programme will be delivered by change management experts to help senior and middle managers frame change, turning your focus inwards to you, your team and your organisation.  

You’ll benefit from a blended learning package of blogs, podcasts and virtual modules which will help you navigate through this change and become a change maker for a better tomorrow.  

The pillars of this programme are inspired by renowned change expert and Harvard Business School Professor, John Kotter. His 8-step change model underpins the 6 Change Maker modules, which have been carefully co-created with change experts to help navigate leaders through change.

 Kotters Model USW

The Change Maker Programme will be delivered in a virtual learning environment through an easy to use system.  

Each of the 6 sessions will be the perfect blend of real-time facilitator-led theory and practical and participative tasks and activities, with virtual breakout rooms to optimise learning. 

The flexible module-based sessions are 2 and a half hours long. There will be some short pre-course reading to complete prior to some of the sessions.

Module 1: Critical thinking during enforced change - 29th & 31st March

There is growing recognition that individuals and teams need to understand their thinking approach and to be able to tap into new ways of approaching problems. 
This session will explore how to make the decision on what needs to change in the ‘New Norm’ 

Module 2: Building Engagement - 14th April

Employee engagement is generally regarded as a workplace approach resulting in employees of an organisation giving their best each day. This session will explore techniques to engage staff and keep productivity high when people are faced with such uncertainty.   

Module 3: Rethinking Strategy - 21st April

Strategic thinking involves building up a picture of the whole organisation in its context. This session will help you find solutions to realign your strategy in view of the shift change your organisation has had to make. 

Module 4: Enable new ways of working - 28th April

Team working and the way we communicate to our teams has changed dramatically in recent times.  In this session we will explore how to influence and lead change in line with current strategies and organisational change approaches to manage the impact on your team.

Module 5: Creating cultures of resilience - 5th May

Resilience is not just your ability to bounce back, it’s your capacity to adapt in the face of change. This session will explore how leaders and organisations can become more resilient and use techniques such as 'appreciative inquiry' to have a positive effect on organisational culture.

Module 6: Embedding Positive Change - 14th May

Change is easier when there is an urgency, but how do we maintain the level of creativity and innovation to change when the driver has gone. This session looks at how we can fully embed positive change.

APMG Change Management Course Next Intakte - starting 5th March 2021 and 9th July 2021

Find out more about the APMG accredited Change Management course here

Please complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with more details on availability and how to book. Please note that places on this programme are highly competitive.

One Module  - £95 

Three Modules - £270 

All 6 modules - £520 

APMG Accredited Change Management Course - £1400 

You will be eligible to a discount for the APMG accredited Change Management course on providing a certificate of completion of 6 modules from the Change Maker Programme. This will become available to at a discounted rate of £1100.  Please note the Change Maker Programme is NOT a prerequisite for the APMG accredited programme.


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The change maker BLOG

We will be sharing blogs from our trusted thought leaders. They will complement the range of topics that you’ll delve into during the virtual delivery of the Change Maker Programme. 

The Change Management Podcast

The Change Management Podcast, hosted by Dr Louise Bright, Director of Research and Business Engagement at USW, will give you exclusive access to USW’s thought leaders who are at the helm of supporting organisations to solve their business problems. We’ll also feature special guests who will give honest reflections on their experiences of change, the impact it has had on themselves, their teams and their organisations.