Episode 1: Enforced Change

Enforced Change

This is the Change Management Podcast by the University of South Wales. Dr Louise Bright is joined by Miles Huckle, an expert in change management and coaching. 

In this episode, they’ll be discussing the pandemic and how this has accelerated organisational change. This is the first of The Change Management podcast where they’ll delve into thinking clearly during times of change, exploring how leaders can really focus on what’s important which will ultimately help the organisation to thrive. 

Organisations have been brutally challenged; Miles shares the key patterning he’s starting to witness that is really helping organisations pivot quickly. Organisations have been forced to innovate and the current pandemic is the driver for this. 

Listen to Louise and Miles as they unpick some of these examples of leadership in unprecedented times. 

If you want to find our more about the Change Management Podcast or the Change Makers programme, please click here. Thanks for listening and thank you to our guest Miles Huckle. 

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