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We are living in an age of Big Data and an even bigger hype about the potential of data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Behind the hype there is real value being generated. 

At USW we have been developing new incentives to encourage your workforce to learn new skills to drive digital transformation from within.

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Understanding the data that you have or could get and managing that well is the firm foundation for everything else. 

59% of executives* overall say they believe there is an industry-wide shortage in the type of skills that would help accelerate their digital transformation efforts. This skills gap has left companies without the proper resources to drive growth.  

From better understanding your prospects, the effectiveness of your marketing & personalising your communications, to developing new products and improving your efficiency, this virtual programme will take you on a digital transformation journey.

*Six habits of digital transformation leaders

This programme will be delivered in a virtual learning environment through an easy to use system.  

Each of the 4 sessions will be the perfect blend of real-time facilitator-led theory and practical and participative tasks and activities, with virtual breakout rooms to optimise learning. 

The flexible module-based sessions are 3 hours long. There will be some short pre-course reading to complete prior to some of the sessions.

Module 1: Understanding the Digital Transformation journey

In this half-day masterclass, we will be exploring the journey organisations need to take for effective digital transformation. Beyond just deploying technology we will be considering the impact on people, culture & processes. With the help of the recommended text “Why Digital Transformations Fail” by Tony Saldanha, we will consider the 5 key steps and 10 skills needed to both take off with disrupting your organisation & to maintain the momentum of your change programme. This will provide a framework or leadership journey as a context for the following modules, as well as helping delegates identify key gaps for their organisation. 

Delegates will leave the masterclass with an expanded understanding of what is needed to achieve Digital Transformation. There will also be time for interaction with other delegates, considering the current status & challenges for their organisations. You will leave with links to resources for continuing your own personal development in this area.

Module 2: Introduction to Data Visualisation

In an age of pandemics & political manipulation, the danger of fake news and misleading information often rests on how data is presented. Ethical data visualisation and the ability to see through misleading charts is essential.  

In this half-day masterclass, we will explore the design principles that guide effective data visualisations. We will have some practice (and fun) spotting what is wrong with some bad examples and learn how to avoid common mistakes. Along the way we will also review ethical data visualisations and recommended ways to ensure that you don’t lie with your charts. Something that is critical if Digital Transformation projects are to understand the data they need.  

Delegates will leave the masterclass with: 

  • an understanding of the process & design principles for producing effective data visualisations. 
  • You will know how to avoid misleading charts.
  • You will also leave with an aide-memoire and resources for continuing your own personal development in this area. 

Module 3: How business processes support Digital Transformation

Business processes are all around us. Much of what we see online is automated, created by computer programmes, deciding what we need to see next. They influence which products we might buy based on our browsing history, or because we've just bought a related product.  Processes lie behind what marketing or customer service emails need to say, and when they need to say it, and so much more. 

 In this half-day masterclass, we will be exploring the nature of processes, challenging the value they add, identifying how the best are designed, measured and implemented. We will be discussing examples of processes that work,  why some processes create better business, whilst others leave customers, shaking their heads in disbelief. 

Delegates will leave the masterclass with an understanding of how to identify when a business process would add value in a business, particularly a digital transformation. You’ll learn about the steps to design robust processes, and how to evolve your processes over time to make them ever stronger and more relevant. 

Module 4: Rapid change in times of crisis, positive examples for Digital Transformation plans

Many organisations have been surprised how quickly they adapted to remote working and the other restrictions caused by a global pandemic. Hospitals were built in record time, whole organisations migrated to home working & ‘Zoomed Out’ gained a new meaning. Beneath the familiar new stories, there have been a number of lessons learnt for how digital transformation can happen more quickly than before.  

In this half day masterclass we will review some common themes from a number of positive case studies. We will consider some of the barriers that were delaying adoption of digital solutions prior to this period of rapid change. We will consider how technology solutions & people have adapted to new ways of working, plus how managers can maintain positive momentum. How to establish a ‘new normal’ that works better for your organisation.  

Delegates will leave the masterclass inspired by what others have achieved and with ideas to apply in their own organisation. They will understand how working models, culture change and technology have enabled more rapid change, so they can focus on the most relevant gaps. 

To book this course, please complete our online booking form and specify which modules you wish to attend. If you'd like more information, please complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch. 

Please note that places on this programme are highly competitive.


The Digital Transformation Programme costs £880.00. Individual modules can be booked at £220 each, however we do recommend you attend all the sessions to get the most out of the learning.

Funded routes are available subject to eligibility, make and enquiry or find out more about the funding routes here

The above course can be delivered through our open-access programme (virtual) or as bespoke programmes within your organisation. If you are looking to access funding for you or your organisation, explore our funding routes or make an enquiry to speak to our advisors.


We will be sharing blogs from our trusted thought leaders. They will complement the range of topics that you’ll delve into during the delivery of the your programmes. 

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