Business, Accounting and Finance

Business, Accounting and Finance

Our portfolio of short courses cover the essential themes and issues surrounding accounting and investment. They range from providing an insight into the financial world for those who aren't in a financial role, to exploring fundamental and complex processes, products and markets.

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ICAEW CFAB is an internationally recognised certificate that teaches essential knowledge and practical skills in business, finance and accounting. The qualification comprises 6 modules, benchmarked at Level 4, and provides an initial grounding in all key areas of accounting. The course is delivered by experts from the USW School of Law, Accounting and Finance.

Who is this for?

  • Relevant for anyone that has financial responsibility in a business or organisation.
  • Managers in organisations who are required to use financial skills on a regular basis.
  • ICAEW firms


The six modules in the CFAB qualification cover the following areas:

Accounting: This module introduces students to the preparation of ‘accounts’ or ‘financial statements’ – the periodic financial reports that organisations have to produce to report their profit/loss, assets and liabilities.

Assurance: What is assurance and why is it needed? This module introduces students to the area of audit and assurance – the independent checking of and reporting on financial information produced by others.

Principles of Tax: This module introduces students to key, basic notions of tax. It covers various types of tax, such as income tax, national insurance contributions, VAT, corporate tax and chargeable gains.

Law: This module introduces students to corporate and business law. It covers the impact of civil and criminal law on business and professional services. This module is mainly studied via e-learning.

Management Information: This module demystifies and introduces students to the key areas of management accounting, including costing and pricing, budgeting and forecasting.

Business, Technology and Finance: This module introduces students to the way businesses are run and financed. It covers business objectives, functions and the accountancy profession. This module is mainly studied via e-learning.

All modules include professional ethics.


£550 standard fee per module (£440 discounted fee for accounting practice customers).

Tuition fees include the cost of ICAEW study materials but exclude any fees payable directly to the ICAEW professional body. For the latest information on student fees payable to ICAEW (including student membership and exam entry fees), visit their website.

Upcoming courses

Assurance - 4th - 6th & 20th September 2019

Accounting - 2nd - 4th & 18th October

Management Information - 6th - 8th & 22nd November

Business, Technology and Finance - 2nd, 10th & 16th December

Law - 7th & 21st February

Principles of Tax - 4th - 6th &20th March 

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