Episode 6: Lianne Weaver

Focusing on your 'Why'

More women than ever are starting new businesses and, for the first time, women are starting businesses at a faster rate than men.

But male-led businesses are far more likely to scale up. What causes this growth gap - and, crucially, how do we support women to overcome it?

In this episode Gemma chats to Lianne Weaver, founder of Beam Development and Training, about continuing to do a job only because you think it's what's expected of you; connecting with yourself, finding your 'why' and being honest about what would really make you happy; and learning to delegate and bring in others to enable your business to keep growing.

Episode Topics

01:15: Beam's focus on personal development and wellbeing training for organisations worldwide

02:41: Early career in HR and leaving due to childcare responsibilities

05:57: Retraining in book-keeping and accountancy to fit around family life

08:52: The importance of self-awareness in following your career and business dreams

10:12: The illusion of having a successful life versus the reality of being unhappy

11:58: Checking in on your motivation for doing a job or running a business

16:29: Bringing her husband into the business to allow the business to keep growing

19:04: Setting boundaries to keep work life and home life separate

22:28: Looking after yourself as an entrepreneur, and the scientific research which proves why taking regular breaks is so vital to success

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As the UK's biggest bank for business, NatWest is committed to championing women's potential and to helping you start, scale and succeed.

As long-standing supporters of Women in Business, the bank understands the challenges women might face when setting up or running a business. NatWest has more than 1,000 Women in Business Accredited Specialists on hand to provide support, expertise and guidance.

The Rose Review

The Rose Review was launched in March 2019 by Alison Rose,  NatWest's CEO, at the request of the UK government. It sets out to identify the disparity between male and female entrepreneurs when starting and scaling businesses, and the barriers facing women.

This has resulted in 'unrealised potential' for the UK economy. Advancing female entrepreneurship represents a £250bn opportunity for the economy.

USW Exchange

USW Exchange is the front door for business engagement at the University of South Wales, connecting industry to academia to support a range of business challenges. 

Through our Developing Entrepreneurial Women programme with NatWest Cymru, we harness the skills and expertise from across the University to help bring greater gender diversity to the business sector in Wales. 

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