CAPSE building


The Centre for Automotive & Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE) is a nationally recognised independent research, development, test and certification house with a reputation for cutting edge research and knowledge transfer activities within the advanced automotive and power systems engineering sectors.

CAPSE’s mission is to support business and other organisations to develop the next generation of low carbon technologies and in doing so support the creation of new jobs and economic opportunities. 

Based within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Science, CAPSE prides itself on its specialised facilities and equipment, as well as its commitment to ongoing research and development, which empowers professional engineers and support staff to deliver innovative products and services. 

We are committed to working closely with industry leaders to meet the challenges in the transport and energy sectors, and prioritise our customer needs by providing a flexible and bespoke range of services which aims to deliver a greener and more sustainable future.

“The Team at the university of South Wales has provided us with invaluable assistance to allow us to deliver the battery module. This system is already showing significant performance improvements on previous generation technologies.” 

Electric Vehicle Development Client

“CAPSE provided us with confirmation that our powertrain components perform well during and beyond the specified manufacturer’s warranty. With this we can now enter production of the new assembly” 

Durability Testing Client

“The results from the testing show that a failure mode cannot be achieved under a normally operating event typically associated with a prototype vehicles operation. CAPSE has given us invaluable data for us to progress our development programmes”

Failure Mode testing Client



CAPSE has worked with clients from across the UK and Europe. For more information on our services or how we can support your needs, contact:

Jonathan Williams

Centre Director