Collaboration - R&D Funding for Business

Whether you are an international company, a rapidly growing SME, or an innovative public or third sector organisation, the University collaborates with a wide range of local and international organisations to carry out collaborative research and address real world problems.

 The University has access to a number of funding schemes which allows businesses to collaborate on projects which will help address their challenges, whether they are short or long term. Below are examples of the funding schemes available to support collaboration. 

kess2Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships - KESS II

The Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships II (KESS II) programme supports Doctoral and Research Masters awards in Welsh Universities, jointly sponsored by external partners based in the Convergence areas of Wales.

SIPS logoStrategic Insight Programme

The Strategic Insight Programme (SIP) provides funding for short term placements for Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) academic institutions in the South East Wales region and industry to work together on a collaborative placement.

new KTP logoKTP – Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Funding

For businesses who want to solve a strategic problem, improve a process or develop a new product by embedding new knowledge from the University and train a good graduate to implement the project. Projects lasting between 6 months and 3 years are supported with up to 60% funding available depending on the size of the company.

Innovate_UK_logo.pngInnovate UK - Collaborative R&D Funding 

The UK Government innovation offers funding for businesses to carry out collaborative R&D with the university partners. Innovate UK offers a range of programmes and tools to support businesses on the innovation journey. Funding projects range from small proof -of-concept grants and feasibility studies through to large multi-partner collaborative R&D and demonstration projects.

expertise wales logoExpertise Wales - The Welsh Government's support for business innovation 

If you are thinking about implementing new ideas in your business, creating new, dynamic products, or improving your existing services, you might also be eligible for support from the Welsh Government’s innovation programmes.  They provide a number of grants and services to help companies to develop innovative new products and access university expertise.

Consultancy CSOUSW Consultancy & Contract Research 

Our Consultancy and contract research services are another effective way to access the wealth of expertise and facilities on offer at the University. With our dedicated research academics and support staff and excellent research and development facilities, we can provide a range of support and advice.

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