RCT Homes - Tailor Made Programme

RCT Homes

RCT Homes is a housing-led social enterprise that provides services to nearly 11,000 homes on more than 60 housing estates and in 27 sheltered housing schemes. Established following the transfer of Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council’s entire housing stock in December 2007, RCT Homes has undergone significant transformation over the last decade.

Building upon the foundations of the strong ethos of the organisation, the University of South Wales Commercial Services has developed a bespoke learning development programme to help its managers and aspiring leaders gain the skills and abilities to facilitate transformation of the organisation to meet its challenges.

Still ongoing, the Tailor Made programme is enabling leaders in RCT Homes to access bespoke development programmes, through an innovative series of masterclasses, seminars, workshops, surgeries, tutorials coaching and groups learning.

Participants are able to achieve an ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management qualification. This benefits not only the individuals but helps embed learning and the development of critical business skills in the report writing and research. All these will be against showing the organisation a return on investment with leaders implementing innovative ideas to rapidly develop and diverse their commercial activity.



RCT Homes’ constitution commits the organisation to promoting community involvement and to supporting the economic regeneration and development of the communities it serves.


Well established in ‘basic’ housing services, RCT Homes had a vision to provide its tenants with more personal support and become “More than a landlord”.

It managed to develop new activities ranging from offering a catering service to organising youth projects for disadvantaged young people to have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of volunteering, in order to benefit both themselves and their communities.


RCT Homes was provided with an innovative bespoke learning programme that helped them to develop all future commercial activity.

Leadership and Management Development Programmes

In-company delivery of customised programmes

The University of South Wales is increasingly delivering, in-company, customised programmes for businesses committing to the development of a number of employees in the organisation, across all levels of responsibility. 

We all know these are challenging times: competition is deeper, budgets are tighter, and risks are heightened. Yet, managers and leaders are expected to improve their performances all the time. The approach the University takes is to listen, understand and mutually develop programmes that meet the specific needs of the business. We do not deliver ‘out of the box’ training courses – we will work with you to develop programmes that are geared to addressing your strategic objectives.

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